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frequently asked questions
--- Accounts -----------------------------------------------------------

How do I sign up for a MetaFilter account?

What is my username? Can I change my username?

What if I forget my password? Can I change my password?

I signed up but had a PayPal problem and now they say my username isn't available. What now?

I want an account but I don't want to use PayPal. What do I do?

Can I have more than one account? Can I change accounts?

Can I give someone a gift MetaFilter account?

Can I close or delete my account permanently or temporarily?

--- Profiles and Personalization ---------------------------------------

I'm new. What should I do first?

Why are you asking for my email? How do I change my email address?

Why are you asking for my birthday?

Why are you asking for my geographic coordinates?

Who can see the information on my profile page?

How do MetaFilter display preferences work? Can I customize the fonts and background color?

What's with the share buttons everywhere? Can I turn them off?

What do "Links to" and "Linked by" mean on my profile page? What does it mean if someone has called me a crush, or muse, or spouse?

How do I view my own (or someone else's) previous posts, questions, and comments?

How do I find someone's profile page if I only know their username not their user number?

Can I publicly mention details from someone else's profile page?

What does "I help fund MetaFilter" on profile pages mean?

What does secure browsing do?

--- MeFiMail, Contacts, Social Stuff -----------------------------------

What is MeFi Mail?

What are MeFi Mail reminders?

What about adding more email-like features to MeFiMail?

What are meetups? Can I be alerted if there's one in my area?

What are contacts? Someone made me a contact, now what?

How do I see if a user is online or not?

How do I link to my other online communities/social sites in my profile?

How do I suggest a new online community/social site for the "also on" section of the profile page?

How do I see who else belongs to a given online community/social site?

--- Favorites ----------------------------------------------------------

What are Favorites?

Why can't I add favorites?

What is My Favorites?

What do the counts on the Popular Posts or Popular Questions page mean?

Why is my old post/comment getting new favorites?

How many favorites can I add in a day?

Can I change how favorites are displayed for me? Can I hide them entirely?

Can I search within my favorites?

--- Other ways to follow site activity or personalize your experience --

What is Recent Activity?

What does the comment highlighting in Recent Activity mean?

What is My Mefi? What is My Ask?

Can I follow all the threads I have commented in, by looking in one place?

Can I choose to see only posts or questions with certain tags or in certain categories?

Can I see which posts or comments have received the most favorites?

Can I see which threads are currently most active?

Can I make a selective list of threads that I want to follow? Can I follow threads without commenting in them?

What sort of RSS feeds does MetaFilter have?

What is a greasemonkey script?

--- Posting and Commenting: General ------------------------------------

How soon can I post after signing up?

How soon can I post again after making a post?

How long do threads remain open?

How do I edit or delete my post?

How do I edit or delete my comment? What are the rules about the edit function?

How do I comment anonymously?

How do I link to a specific comment?

How do I make a link? Can I use HTML in my posts?

How do I post code or other marked up text?

How do I create the [more inside] jump when posting?

Are posts or comments edited by mods?

If a thread has been deleted, can I still find it someplace?

If a comment has been deleted, can I still find it someplace?

There is a problem with a comment or post. What should I do?

Someone made a official-seeming comment in small type, with square brackets. What does that mean?

My Mefi post or AskMe question was edited to remove my cute "more inside" play on words, wtf?

My HTML seemed to work in the live preview but didn't come through correctly. Is this a bug or intentional?

What are the keyboard shortcuts for MetaFilter?

How do tags work on MetaFilter?

What are some guidelines for tagging my posts?

--- Posting and Commenting: Etiquette and Lingo ------------------------

What is the etiquette concerning members' or non-members' personal details and profile information?

What does a single period in a comment by itself mean?

What does 'threadsitting' mean? What does 'threadshitting' mean?

Where can I find a list of common lingo and Mefi-specific abbreviations?

What are self-links? Are self-links ever okay on any part of the site?

Should I use an URL shortener or link shortener, like I would on Twitter?

--- Posting and Commenting in MetaFilter -------------------------------

What makes a good front page post to MetaFilter?

Why was my MetaFilter post deleted?

Why was my MetaFilter comment deleted?

What is double posting? Is there a statute of limitations on double posting?

How can I check if something has been posted before, to avoid double posting?

If my post has more than one link, or the link isn't first, do I need to use the URL box?

Can I post a link to just a short news bulletin if there's a breaking news story?

Can I post a link to something behind a free registration?

Can I post a fundraiser, or a petition for a worthy cause?

Should I include an NSFW warning if my link is not safe for work? What about spoilers?

Should I include a trigger warning about upsetting content in my post?

Should I add a [via] link if I found it from another site?

What does "Pepsi Blue" mean?

--- Posting and Commenting in Ask MetaFilter ---------------------------

What makes a good question for Ask MetaFilter?

My Ask Metafilter question was removed as chatfilter. What does that mean?

Why was my Ask MetaFilter post/comment removed?

When is it okay to do a "Critique my X!" post on Ask MetaFilter?

How do I include a picture or photo with my AskMe question?

How do I post an anonymous question in AskMe? Is there a function for anonymous follow-ups?

How long does it usually take for an anonymous question to be posted to Ask Metafilter?

Is there a way to turn a non-anonymous old question into an anonymous one?

Why are some people's answers in AskMe highlighted in their own box?

How do I mark my question as "answered" (e.g. green check mark)?

Why can't I remove a 'stumped' or a 'resolved' tag from my AskMe question?

--- Posting and Commenting in MetaTalk ---------------------------------

What is MetaTalk for?

I think I found a bug. Should I post it to MetaTalk?

I have a request for a new feature. Should I post it to MetaTalk?

I want help finding an old post or comment. Where should I post this question?

Why are some MetaTalk threads closed?

--- Other subsites, related sites, fun stuff ---------------------------

What is FanFare?

What's the policy on spoilers in threads at FanFare?

What do the "First Watch", "Rewatch", "Show Only", and "Books Included" labels in FanFare mean?

What is MetaFilter Projects?

What is MetaFilter Music?

What is IRL?

What is the podcast? Are transcripts available?

What is MetaFilter Chat?

How do I log in to Chat?

What is the MetaFilter wiki?

What are other MeFi spinoff sites?

Is there an archive of MetaFilter April Fools Day pranks?

What are some other MetaFilter traditions?

Can I get a Metafilter t-shirt?

What is the Infodump? Does Mefi release other data for study?

How can I find out various MeFi statistics, like who has posted the most, or had the most favorites in a given month, etc?

--- Problems  ----------------------------------------------------------

The site seems down or really slow, is there a status blog?

I'm having a problem, might be a bug. What should I try before contacting the mods or posting to MetaTalk?

Someone threatened me or threatened to harm themselves. What should I do?

What is being done to prevent bullying on MetaFilter?

A sketchy or inappropriate ad is showing on the page. What can I do?

How can I switch to the mobile view of the site?

It looks like I am logged in with some other person's username. What's up?

Why doesn't the timestamp in live preview match the time in my actual timezone?

I can't see video content linked in a post. What can I do?

Why did my HTML get screwed up, when it was fine in live preview?

I get an error saying: 400 Bad Request, Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. What is this?

Why can't I get favorites to work?

Why is there a referral code on the Amazon link in that post?

--- Moderation, flagging, banning, etc. --------------------------------

Who is in charge here? Are there admins and moderators like other sites?

I need to get in touch with a site admin in a hurry. How do I do this?

How can I tell if a comment was made by a moderator?

What is flagging? How can I flag a post/comment for the moderators to look at?

The reason I want to flag something isn't listed, what should I do?

Are flags anonymous?

What's up with banning? What does one see when they've been banned from MeFi?

Can I come back to MetaFilter after I have been banned?

--- About the site (Ads, Copyright, Code) ------------------------------

How does advertising on MetaFilter work?

Who owns the copyright on MetaFilter content?

What should I know about privacy at Metafilter?

How can I donate money to support the site?

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