The ideologue of Russian fascism

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The ideologue of Russian fascism Dugin called to kill Putin

Russian source: (https://bit.ly/3tqrdQM)
Russian fascism ideologue Alexander Dugin, in all likelihood,
lost his temper at the failures of the Russian occupation forces
in Kherson, and, in a thinly veiled manner, issued a call to kill
the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin - if such failures continue.
First, he posted such a post on his social networks, then deleted
it. But the copy remained on one of the propaganda resources.
"The Power. It is responsible for this [retreat from Kherson].
What is the meaning of autocracy, and we have it? We give the
ruler absolute fullness of power, and he saves us all - the people,
the state, people - at a critical moment. If for he surrounds
himself with evil spirits or spitting on social justice, this is
unpleasant, but if only he saves. And if he doesn't save? Then
the fate of the "King of the rains" awaits him. Autocracy also has
a downside. Full power with success, but also full responsibility
for failure. And as you wanted," he wrote.