Soros and evil leftists networks

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Soros and evil leftists networks boycott twitter

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The campaign to pull corporate advertising from Twitter, following
its purchase by SpaceX founder Elon Musk, is being led by a network
of left wing dark money activists with ties to prominent Democrat
politicians and mega donors.
An advocacy group formed in 2020 called Accountable Tech is
organizing the pressure campaign, which has thus far succeeded
in having the likes of Pfizer, Audi, General Mills, and other
corporations pull their advertising expenditures from the platform.
Accountable Tech has taken credit for organizing an "open letter"
signed by dozens of progressive groups, which demanded that
multinational corporations cease advertising with Twitter
The far-left activist groups wrote:
"Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter came with his promise to
advertisers like you that the social network would not transform
into a "free-for-all hellscape" and would remain "warm and
welcoming to all."
The letter continues:
"We, the undersigned organizations, call on you to notify Musk
and publicly commit that you will cease all advertising on Twitter
globally if he follows through on his plans to undermine brand safety
and community standards including gutting content moderation."
You get the gist of it by now. The parties to this letter are
attempting to force Elon Musk to revert Twitter back to its old,
state-attached form.
Now here's some background on Accountable Tech.
Accountable Tech is financed by The North Fund, a D.C. nonprofit
that is controlled by Arabella Advisors. Yes, there are multiple
levels of confusion and separation, and this is on purpose. But the
relevant outfit here is Arabella Advisors.
"Arabella" is a for-profit "philanthropic consulting company" founded
by Clinton confidant Eric Kessler. Therefore, it shouldn't come as
a surprise that Jesse Lehrich, another Clinton network operative, is
a co-founder of Accountable Tech. The organization also employs
former Clinton campaign operative Zach Praiss as its digital
Arabella Advisors Say it again louder for those in the back: Arabella
Advisors They are leading the dark money race, not some right-wing
organization or billionaires. We need dark money out of politics &
advocacy - I don't care if your cause is just.
Arabella is considered the leading "dark money" political outfit
in the United States. Yes, it's much bigger and much more influential
than the highly publicized "Koch Network."
The Arabella network shields the sources of its funding by funneling
its cash and political expenditures through  501c4 non profits.
However, its for-profit outfit brought in $1.7 billion in 2020, and
spent $1.2 billion on the 2020 election cycle.
Through its subsidiaries, Arabella has dumped hundreds of millions
of dollars into projects such as fighting the Kavanaugh nomination
and impeaching President Donald Trump. They've also financed the
"NeverTrump" political advocacy of progressive war activist Bill
So who funds Arabella?
Major direct and indirect Arabella donors include globalist
billionaire George Soros and progressive eBay founder Pierre
Omidyar, according to Politico.
A significant chunk of the group's cash also comes from overseas.
Hansjorg Wyss, an 87 year old far-left Swiss billionaire who does not
appear to be an American citizen, has given over $135 million to the
fund, The New York Times reported. Nicole Gill, the co-founder
of Accountable Tech, was previously a director at the Wyss-financed
The Hub Project.
With elections right around the corner, Accountable Tech is acting
exactly as intended. It is a left wing intimidation machine that
seeks to censor speech, with hopes to leverage a decline in
advertising dollars to revert Twitter back to its pre-Musk form, as
a state-sponsored machine for institutional narrative advancement
and political suppression.