Globalists eat meat,but you

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Globalists eat meat, but you are offered to eat bugs

Hypocritical world leaders and delegates will have the choice
of a gourmet selection of meats, fish, and dairy at the United
Nations COP27 climate change meeting as they push supposedly
more sustainable foods like bugs.
Breitbart reports (https://bit.ly/3UHcPix): Beef medallion with
mushrooms sauce, chicken breast with orange gravy, and salmon
with creamy sauce and chives are some of the menu options that
world leaders, diplomats, bureaucrats, and industry bigwigs will
be chomping down on at the COP27 meeting in Sharm El Sheikh,
Egypt this week
The COP Gourmet service also offers an hour and a half of bottomless
cocktails for 110 ($125). Attendees are also offered delivery service
for items such as paper cups, plastic water bottles and wooden
coffee stirrers.
The menu flies in the face of the stated goals of the United Nations,
with a 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
report saying: "Meat analogues such as imitation meat (from plant
products), cultured meat, and insects may help in the transition to
more healthy and sustainable diets."
The World Economic Forum, which has partnered with the UN
at COP27 has also been at the forefront of the meat-free future
movement, arguing that people should opt for more "climate
beneficial foods" such as algae, seaweed and cacti.
Hypocrisy has become something of a staple for the annual meeting,
however, with around 40,000 globalist figures being flown on jets
from around the world to lap up the luxury of the seaside resort, as
average people are told that travelling by plane is causing the
alleged climate crisis.
Scottish author and political commentator Neil Oliver said: "They've
come to lecture us about eating less meat while they sit down to
menus featuring beef, chicken, salmon, and sea bass and cream sauces.
This is not leadership that we are seeing now, it's desperation, it's
trolling us proles on a galactic scale.
"The policies that they are preaching are condemning hundreds
of millions of the world's poorest to poverty, starvation, death on
a global scale and at the same time, in their cynicism, they are
ensuring that the populations of their own countries are plunged
into fuel and food poverty for the first time in generations."
The menu was also criticised by activists on the left, including
Animal Rebellion's Nathan McGovern who told the Daily Mail:
"These world leaders need to look like they believe them. This just
looks like do what I say and not what I do.
"North Africa has some brilliant plant-based foods, like falafel and
couscous, why do they need to ship in Salmon from the Atlantic?"
A Vegan Society spokesman added: "It's really disappointing that such
a significant climate change event as COP27 is serving up high
environmental impact meat and fish sourced from another continent."