DEATH BY Excess mortality up

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DEATH BY VAX: Excess mortality up 17% among the fully vaccinated

Source: (https://bit.ly/3U5iUoX)
An alleged Black Ops / SCI top secret U.S. naval intelligence officer
and data expert claims that, based on data from the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), excess deaths among the
"fully vaccinated" are up 17 percent.
Not only that, but rates of cancer in those who took the jabs from
Operation Warp Speed are "at a 9-sigma rise," which the individual
who put this all together describes as "a hard-rudder turn for cancer
[that] means something is right ahead."
The CDC is so concerned about the truth coming out, this person
adds, that it is committing blatant fraud to cover it all up. Various
doctors who are tweeting on Twitter about the matter incognito also
confirm that they are seeing a massive uptick in new cancer patients
who all got jabbed for the Chinese Flu in obedience to the
"Our neurosurgeons have confirmed that we are seeing a rise in brain
cancer, across all age groups," one account wrote. "Most strikingly,
in young adults. Several staff physicians included. They have no idea
The situation is slightly worse in Europe than it is in the United
States, the data shows - at least as far as excess deaths are
concerned. And there has not been so much as a peep about it from
the corporate-controlled media.
In the U.S., the excess death rate among the fully jabbed is 0.7%
lower than in Europe, which could just be a margin of error - or
perhaps the European versions of the injections are more dangerous?
Australia is also suffering through an excess death apocalypse as
fully injected residents are now dropping dead, seemingly without
cause. In the year 2022 up through June 30, nearly 100,000 Aussies
who fully took all the shots are now fully dead.
Insurance industry experts are really starting to notice the trend.
One suggested that what we are now witnessing is the largest mass
die-off of people who belong to the working class in world history.
The CEO of one insurance group claims a 10-sigma event is now
occurring. Keep in mind that the likelihood of a 10-sigma event is
something like once every billion years.
The "Ethical Skeptic" account on both Twitter and Substack, which
is said to be owned and operated by the aforementioned military
asset and data expert, has been keeping a close eye on the CDC's
data-hiding efforts concerning all this.
"CDC is now (post ‘system upgrade') unilaterally shifting Cancer
UCoD deaths to Covid UCoD deaths (even trivial nosocomial cases
of Covid)," he tweeted. "Thereby hiding the stark cancer increase
from you."
"Undeniable smoking gun proof," he added.
Heart-related deaths are also hidden deep within the CDC's
manipulated datasets. The Ethical Skeptic says heart-related RXX
Abnormal Clinical & Lab Findings Mortality was separated from
IXX ICD-10 heart-related mortality (these are two separate
classification methods).
When you combine these two classifications back into one, "you
find the hidden heart-related deaths," he says.
"Despite Covid at a VERY low level, we are at an all time peak
in heart related deaths," he adds, calling it a "20-sigma" event.
"In sum: there is very little COVID in the world now, but there's
plenty of unexplained deaths," writes Emerald Robinson on her
"Emerald Robinson's The Right Way" Substack page.
"Heart-related deaths. Cancer deaths. How many of those deaths
were vaccinated people?"