Black fog of alien form

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Black fog of Chernobyl: alien form of life?

Russian source: (https://bit.ly/3FC0CqX)
In the late 90s and early 2000s, for a certain fee, despite the risk
of death, it was possible to pass through the checkpoint to Pripyat.
It is not known how many people ended up in the exclusion zone
in this way. The data differ - officially about 1,500 people, and
unofficially - this number can be multiplied by 10. Most urban and
extreme lovers returned and told different things. Suspiciously
often, an anomalous black cloud or black fog appeared in their
stories. This is a phenomenon that has been repeatedly described
by extremals who have been in the exclusion zone. Most often,
a moving clot of soot was seen at sunset or during the morning
dawn. He appeared both in Pripyat itself and on the outskirts.
This phenomenon is one of the most dangerous. Once inside such
a cloud, it is no longer possible to return to reality. At least 2-3
dozen extreme sports enthusiasts have disappeared. According
to eyewitnesses, this happens quite quickly. A small jet of black
gas or smoke begins to emerge from the ground. Then it acquires
a rounded shape and at a height of 50-60 centimeters above the
ground begins to move randomly. Some witnesses believe that
this phenomenon has a mind, because after sensing a living being
in its path, the black fog begins to pick up speed. There is
a possibility that he is attracted to warm-bloodedness. That is,
it reacts to warm objects. The easiest way to avoid a meeting
is to run away in the other direction, while throwing something
lit or hot.
Researchers cannot figure out what the nature of this phenomenon
is. Whether he is an intelligent life form or some kind of time
portal, or some other anomaly is unknown. But, once inside the
cloud, everything disappears - the person himself, the equipment,
all the things taken with him. After that, the fog dissipates along
with those who got inside. In 2006, a dog and a deer disappeared
in this way. Hunters arranged a safari in the Chernobyl zone. In the
course of their entertainment, they managed to drive an adult deer
into an ambush with the help of dogs. Nearby, a black substance
began to stand out from under the ground. The cloud grew and
swallowed up the prey of the hunters and one of the dogs. Frightened
men got out of the exclusion zone and told about what had happened.