Nearly schoolchildren get sick with

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Nearly 1000 schoolchildren get sick with abnormal flu in the US

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A Virginia high school canceled all activities this weekend after
almost half of its students called in absent this week due to
a flu-like illness.
"Due to the high number of student and staff illnesses reported
this week, all Stafford High School activities and athletics
scheduled through Sunday, October 23, are canceled," wrote
Stafford High's official Facebook account on Friday.
The school said that it would follow up on illness levels over
the weekend and reassess conditions on Monday.
The Hill has reached out to the Stafford County Public Schools
office for comment.
NBC 4 Washington reported on Friday that about 1,000 students
were absent from Stafford High School, which is located just
outside Fredericksburg, Va.
The total number of students enrolled at Stafford High is
approximately 2,100, officials told NBC.
A spokesperson said that the students, as well as some staff
members, are suffering from flu-like and gastrointestinal
Officials and the Virginia Department of Health are working
together to investigate the root causes of the illness.