Aliens on trial in Italy

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Official: Aliens on trial in Italy

Italian source: (https://bit.ly/3eTOfvJ)
The aliens in court (https://youtu.be/ILqwdrFXPDQ). It is the
first time this has happened. The singular case is the one that sees
the former commander of the carabinieri of the Chiesa in
Valmalenco station, Alessandro Di Roio, now retired, on trial,
for false ideology in public deed and continued fraud. He would
have signed two hours and 40 minutes of extra service, cheating
the state for a sum of one hundred euros gross, 80 net. Time that
he would actually spend on "anti-alien" patrols or in any case for
matters that did not concern his role as lieutenant. On Tuesday,
the proceedings at the Verona military court closed with no place
to proceed. In this case the soldier was trial for defamation
against the superiors who had ordered his transfer to Morbegno,
which was followed by the decision to take his leave. But the crux
of the dispute should be sought precisely in the series of alleged
sightings of unidentified objects that in the past years have
affected the Valmalenco. Di Roio would have continued to forward
the reports even when the order had come from the top to put a stop
to the practices. But he, fearing the omission of official documents,
had continued. Not only that, during those checks, he himself would
have witnessed unusual flying presences. Attitude, which according
to the thesis supported by his lawyer Marco Della Luna, would have
seen his superiors subject him to continuous checks, up to the
dispute of the famous 80 euros of overtime scored. The trial
underway in court in Sondrio has been updated to next 11 January,
when in all probability there will be a sentence. But in the meantime
the judges have admitted the production of a dossier of photographs
and reports of the lieutenant of the carabinieri, in which both flying
objects and strange aircraft appear. "It is the first time that aliens
have entered a criminal trial", the words of the lawyer Della Luna.