Signs of extraterrestrial civilization may

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Signs of extraterrestrial civilization may be more than 90000 years old

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"As far as we know, there are galactic civilizations emitting
radiation, they can be located anywhere along the Milky Way.
A sign that Earth may be, therefore, about 90,000 years old,
that is the time that the electromagnetic waves have to cover
the distance between us and the opposite side of our galaxy, and
this interval of time becomes even greater. tell us about other
galaxies. Therefore, it is not irrational to think that, no time
we receive a signal, the emitting civilization no longer exists."
The above text was written by Claudio Grimaldi, invited scientist
from the Statistical Biophysics Laboratory (LBS), Ecole
Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland in an
e-mail to The Daily Galaxy. Grimaldi accentuated: "I didn't detect
a new signal right now, it's not surprising. Even if we had perfect
detectors scanning everything or something else, it would take
more than 60% of the galaxy that is sinai so that one of them can
see our planet in the middle." You will be from a civilization as
it was then Frank Drake, breeder of the famous Drake Equation,
said:. "You will be from a civilization as it was. It is not a remote
possibility - it is a high probability - that we feel that we will
receive sejam from a civilization that no longer exists." If you feel
like an alien civilization is coming to Earth, it is likely that the
aliens are dead. In an effort to update Drake's Equation of 1961,
which estimates the number of intelligent civilizations detected
in the Milky Way, the physicist Claudio Grimaldi and his colleagues
will calculate the area of ??the galaxy that should be filled with
alien sinuses at a given time . Grimaldi says: "If civilization is
emitted from the other side of the galaxy, when you sign in here,
civilization will be gone." Human beings have transmitted radio
waves for only about 80 years, so our radio waves cover less than
0.001% of the Milky Way.
A team reported by the Science News and the Mercury News, which
included Frank Drake (now Professor Emeritus of the SETI Institute
in Mountain View, California, and the University of California, Santa
Cruz), presumed that technologically experienced civilizations were
born and died in a constant taxa. . When a civilization dies and
stops transmitting, the phantasmagorical signals that it sent continue
to travel like concentric ripples in a lake. Electromagnetic signs
of alien civilizations will continue to travel along the Milky Way as
long as the aliens form. Scientists will meet at the SETI Institute
in Mountain View, California, in March 2018 to draw new approaches
to answer the question: are we sozinhos? The conference, entitled
"Decoding Alien Intelligence" ("Decoding Alien Intelligence", in free
translation), sought to broaden the perspectives and expand the
methodologies applied in an effort to detect extraterrestrial
The organizer and director of the SETI Institute, Nathalie Cabrol,
said: "New tools are available that can allow this approach and help
us decipher the evolutionary and probabilistic nature of advanced
alien life. We can build a new roteiro that is multidisciplinary, that
opens a box of tools." An update to the Drake Equation - a structure
for discussing the likelihood of intelligent life existing outside
of Earth - is receiving quite a bit of media attention. Drake's
equation was developed during the beginning of the modern SETI
(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) field to act as a structure
for the scientific community to discuss the probability of advanced
extraterrestrial life. The probabilistic argument was elaborated by
the pioneer in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence,
Dr. Frank Drake, who participated in the new study.
According to the study, if advanced aliens will exist in the most
distant extremity of our galaxy, even if they are traveling at the
speed of light, they will not stay with us for some time. Quaisque
sinais that cheguem our planet will probably be remnants of a dead
civilization for a long time. Drake said: "There is a chance that
I will still be alive, but I am not transmitting anymore. You may
have changed a lot, like migrating from the planet to escape from
its expanding star." Message in a bottle The senior astronomer
of the SETI Institute, Seth Shostak, still sees the value in
collecting this message: "For me, it's like finding a bottle
in a beach with a nice note. It could be that I put a note on it.
More hair less you know that there is someone on the other side
of the world." It is important to note that determining the longevity
of a possible alien race based on no example yet in the development
of our own survival has a limited value, as Andrew Fraknoi, from
the SETI Institute, points out: "We know more about our longevity,
it is pure guessing. Every year we did not destroy ourselves, we
added more one year to what we know that civilizations can do."
Civilization lasted less than 100,000 years - or the time it takes
for light to cross the galaxy - so chances are two sinais chegarem
Terra as far as civilization is still transmitting so very small, we
researchers will report. Human beings, for example, have been
transmitting radio waves for only about 80 years, so far our radio
waves cover less than 0.001% of the Milky Way.