of cattle DIE immediately following

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18% of cattle DIE immediately following mRNA vaccination

Much of the conversation surrounding mRNA (messenger RNA)
"vaccines" centers around their impact on humans, but how about
all the animals that are being injected with it?
Believe it or not, cattle are reportedly now getting jabbed
(https://bit.ly/3DkSR7a) with the stuff, which in a recent mass
"vaccination" campaign of an Australian herd resulted in 35 of the
200 animals dying immediately.
We are told (https://bit.ly/3Tkh9Uy) that dairy farmers and others
are now being forced to inject their animals for the Fauci Flu in
order to remain in business, and that the animals are not responding
well to it.
Just like in humans, the shots are causing such profound damage that
many of the animals are succumbing to instant death, while the
others are getting sick and dying over a longer period of time.
For the animals that survive, one wonders what is becoming of their
milk, which gets passed on as food for other animals as well as
humans. Is it safe to consume mRNA-tainted milk and cheese from
a "fully vaccinated" dairy cow? The answer is probably not.
"Dairy herd DNA is altered," one report explains. "Milk is altered
and you consume it! Butter constitution, yoghurt, and cheese is
altered, meat is altered - will chicken and other meats be next?