How to easy defeat the

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How to easy defeat the end of world of globalists?

All independent journalists and media constantly write about
the ubiquitous globalists. Globalists illegally steal information,
manipulate public opinion, spread conspiracy theories through
their social networks. Globalists, thanks to their unlimited
financial and informational resources, are promoting the agenda
of "cultural Marxism", better known as Mamaism (Marx, Marcuso,
Mao). They remove "independent media" from search engines,
take away hosting, SSL certificates from independent sites, censor
them at the browser level. And so on. Most people think that BigData
and BigTech are all-powerful. And that it is not possible to stop the
introduction of social rating. But this is a big misconception. The
weakness of the globalists is that all their information is stored in
specific data centers. Burn data centers with EMP (Van Der Graf
Generator) and they will lose their power. All algorithms, all
databases, all so-called AI cannot exist outside of data centers.
Dystopia and the end of the world can be stopped. What political
party is ready to do this?