Proof of the falsification of

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Proof of the falsification of history in the 19th century

Something is wrong with the 19th century. This is obvious to any
sane person who has studied the so-called 19th century. Officially
at that time, the world traveled on horseback, fired flintlocks, and
sailed under sail.
But this is a big misconception. Some real documents still survive.
In reality, something mysterious happened in the 19th century,
hidden from us by official historians. Here are links to engineering
books published in 1867-1871. Among the technologies described
in them are flying robotic steam engines, robotics working machines,
and so on. Study these books though skimming mode. And then
compare it with the official historical science. You will understand
that the real story is hidden from us. And the past is not what we
are told about it.
1) https://bit.ly/3yB8yV4
2) https://bit.ly/3SO5I7n
3) https://bit.ly/3SRrd7g
4) https://bit.ly/3Mp3zfQ
Where did all these super-technological inventions come from
in a world where at the beginning of the century even robotics
allegedly did not exist?