The professor admitted the existence

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The professor admitted the existence of a conspiracy in world history

Drunk professor of archeology admitted that the whole story
is falsified (https://bit.ly/3RTIOu7). He said that all the events
taking place in the world today suggest that zeroing is not far off.
The same zeroing that was 200-250 years ago. We've been
through all this before. We developed, we found artifacts, noticed
inconsistencies. People understood what kind of world they live
in and that deceit is everywhere. At a certain point, when people
reach a certain point, zeroing begins. Someone talks about a nuclear
catastrophe, someone about a flood. But now it's not so important.
What matters is the fact that it happened.
How many reboots were there? Researchers suggest that there were
at least three of them. The first civilization is the civilization of the
Sumerians and polygonal masonry. The second is the civilization
of the pyramids. Third - Baalbek, St. Petersburg, Temples of India.
There are no thousands or millions of years. Everything happens
with a frequency of 200-500 years. And we are the fourth version
of civilization.