Smartphones a tool to control

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Smartphones - a tool to control population growth

Cellphones are ubiquitous nowadays, with experts continually arguing
the pros and cons of the device. But could cell phones be affecting
male fertility? Scientists from Pusan National University, Korea,
recently examined the research on the associations between sperm
concentration, viability, and motility and cell phone use. Their
results, consistent across in vivo and in vitro data, serve as a
warning to male cell phone users who want to preserve their sperm
quality (https://bit.ly/3u3qAhd).
Cell phones have succeeded in bringing the world closer, making life
tolerable during a very trying time. But cellphones also have their
downsides. They can have negative effects on health. This is because
cell phones emit radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (RF-EMWs),
which are absorbed by the body. According to a meta-analysis from
2011, data from previous studies indicate that RF-EMWs emitted
by cell phones degrade sperm quality by reducing their motility,
viability, and concentration.