UK Porn Stars Halt Work

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UK Porn Stars Halt Work Amid STD Outbreak

As syphilis rages across Europe, UK porn stars are demanding the
formation of a union due to the industry's lax safety standards which
has led some adult film actors to halt production. The STD is easily
cured with antibiotics, but can cause life-threatening problems
if left untreated, according to the Independent.
PASS, which runs a database of sexual health (https://bit.ly/3rCOxK2)
certificates for US adult actors, said they have been "informed
of multiple positive syphilis tests" among porn stars in Europe
- warning of the "potential for many more exposures, including among
US-based performers".
Lianne Young, a former actor who now provides education on sex
education, told The Independent that adult actors in the UK she has
spoken to are highly anxious about reports of a syphilis outbreak in
Europe. -Independent.
The 47-year-old Young, who moved to the US to do porn
(https://bit.ly/3CAalfz) in her early 20s, left the industry around
two decades ago. She says she's been in contact with eight performers
who have stopped working due to concerns about syphilis.
"They have halted films they were lined up to shoot," said Young, who
now lives in southwest London. "Professional performers with big
profiles are terrified. They are losing lots of money. A major alert
has gone out in Europe. Porn producers and performers operate
on a transatlantic basis so STIs can cross borders."
Young, an activist who has been been working with Public Health
England on outbreak reports, expressed concern over amateur porn
actors who aren't being cautious.
"That absolutely worries me," she said - adding "It can spread
very fast."
Young said that UK porn stars have their sexual health checked less
frequently than those in other parts of Europe due to better
"So rules dictate people have to be checked regularly in Europe," she
continued. "In Europe, they are tested around every seven days or at
worst every 14 days. In the UK, most porn actors test themselves for
STIs every 28 days. They are tested for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea,
chlamydia and hepatitis in NHS sexual health clinics."
The latest outbreak has intensified calls for a union to be
established in the UK, with Young willing to lead it.
"People have been asking for a union for a couple of years but now
it has gone too far," she said. "Porn stars are real human beings.
There needs to be a union to be a bridge to connect up with Public
Health England and the police. It would allow better regulation and
better support and safety."