Named the shaman who providing

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Named the shaman who providing occult services to Putin

The Kremlin insider "General SVR" in his YouTube interview
on Saturday (https://bit.ly/3Cc4E65), October 1, named the name
of the shaman Putin consulted to start the war. This is the supreme
shaman of Tuva Kara-ool Tyulyushevich Dopchun-ool. Chairman
of the shamanic society Spirit of the Bear. It is his insider who
calls the supplier of occult services for Putin.
In an old interview, shaman Korol Tushevich
(https://youtu.be/x10qvwel0sE) says that shamanism is pure democracy,
because it helps all people, regardless of religion, nationality, place
of residence and social status. Initiation into the shamans of the
Spirit of the Bear society takes place in Tuva, people come here from
different countries. The initiation ritual takes place in a place
of power, and it is here, in Tuva, where the most powerful shamans
live. In other countries, according to the Spirit of the Bear
society, true shamanism has been forgotten. Various artifacts are
used in the practice of shamanism. For example, the Supreme Shaman
showed the most ancient mirror of the Scythian times, 5-6 thousand
years old, the ancient Turkic calendar, a guardian angel stone that
fell from the sky in Tuva three thousand years ago.
There is a great power in this stone - the shaman shares, - Genghis
Khan prayed at this stone, Hitler was looking for him and Attila, who
destroyed Rome, also prayed. He still helps a lot of people. The
shaman claims that he can help people through the phone and charge
them without leaving the premises at different distances, in any
country - the information is transmitted in the form in which it was
sent. The shaman also shared a story from his childhood, where he
saw how his uncle, the shaman, did not get into the boat, but walked
along the river one kilometer wide. Answering a question about the
coronavirus, Kara-ool Tyulyushevich shared that the virus dies from
the sound of a tambourine.
In Tuva, throat singing is also developing along with the tambourine,
which also has a healing effect. This calls on the spirits of ancestors
and various spirits of nature to help. According to the Supreme
Shaman of Tuva, a person is born in order to continue his family,
create a family, give birth to children, create conditions to raise
and educate them. For the elderly to help educate and raise their
grandchildren, passing on their experience, respect, friendship and
cooperation to them.