Putin orders nuclear military train

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Putin "orders nuclear military train to Ukraine"

Source: (https://bit.ly/3SYFUVA)
President Putin is set to demonstrate his willingness to use weapons
of mass destruction with a nuclear test on Ukraine's borders, Nato
is believed to have warned its members.
The Kremlin has been signalling its readiness for a significant
escalation as Russia loses ground on the battlefield. Fears over
Putin's earlier hints that he might resort to such tactics heightened
yesterday with claims that a train operated by the secretive nuclear
division was destined for Ukraine.
Konrad Muzyka, a Poland-based defence analyst, said the train,
spotted in central Russia, was linked to the 12th main directorate
of the Russian ministry of defence and that it was "responsible for
nuclear munitions, their storage, maintenance, transport, and
issuance to units".