Putin and his concubines moved

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Insiders: Putin and his concubines moved into a nuclear bunker

The Kremlin insider resource "General SVR" (https://t.me/generalsvr)
claims that Putin is actively preparing for a nuclear war. Starting last
Saturday, Putin visited "places of power" in Siberia, where he held
two meetings with shamans. The meeting with the shamans is the
second one in this short vacation. At the same time, Putin's double
met with the head of the Russian Ministry of Culture at the same
time. An insider resource claims that the shamans performed
a ceremony for Putin, after which they reported that "a burning bird
will bring victory and death."
Regardless of the shamanistic "predictions" Putin takes seriously,
the source says, he is preparing to make key decisions about
launching a tactical nuclear strike from a bunker far from Moscow.
Some relatives and friends of Putin have already been taken to the
bunker. Alina Kabaeva with children and two older daughters with
children and lovers were warned about the possibility of urgent
evacuation. Putin ordered, in the event of a nuclear threat, to
evacuate the "necessary minimum" of Russian officials: the chairman
of the State Duma, the government, the prosecutor general, the
leadership of the Security Council (without the former President
Medvedev), the leadership of the Presidential Administration, the
leadership of the FSB, the FSO, the Foreign Intelligence Service with
their families. The Federation Council in its entirety is not subject
to evacuation. Putin also does not need children from mistresses.