The Taliban Work To Put

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The Taliban Work To Put Bagram Back Into Action

Many months ago AND Magazine reported (https://bit.ly/3Rwd65M)
from sources inside Afghanistan that the Chinese were now on the
ground at Bagram airbase and working with Taliban forces at that
The danger this posed was evident. Bagram is a huge facility in
a very strategic location. Chinese aircraft based there could change
the balance of power in South and Central Asia.
The power went on at Bagram Airport last night, and soon after,
Chinese military jets were seen landing & taking off.  There has been
no power there since July 2 when the military abandoned it. 
This is no doubt why top military brass left it! A gift to China!
The Biden administration responded as expected - which is to say
it did not respond at all. Nothing that happens in Afghanistan is
judged to be of any importance. One presumes it will stay that way
until the next terrorist attack on U.S. soil, at which time we will
scramble to pull together a response.
Meanwhile, at Bagram, things continue to happen.
Multiple media outlets have reported (https://bit.ly/3SIdwqK) that
sources inside Afghanistan have stated that the Taliban are now
moving large quantities of equipment out of Bagram to an unknown
location. At least 100 vehicles have left the airbase recently carrying
supplies and equipment. The movement was accomplished under
heavy Taliban security.
At the same time, sources report (https://bit.ly/3Ru6l4D) that the
airfield at Bagram is undergoing maintenance and cleaning. A Taliban
brigade has been directed to take the necessary steps to put the
airfield back into use.
"In line with instruction of the Defence Ministry, an engineering
team began the work for reconstruction, renovation and repairing
of the Bagram airport commencing today," Xinhua news agency reported
on September 22, 2022."
"The engineering team with its limited resources would do its best
to repair and reactivate Bagram airport in the earliest possible time."
Afghan Defence Ministry via Xinhua News Agency
The Taliban’s Ministry of Defense announced on Wednesday that the
reconstruction and repair work of the Bagram airfield has started.
The ministry said on Twitter that a technical team of the Taliban
forces will work on the repair and use of the Bagram airfield. 
What exactly is happening at Bagram remains unclear. What we do know
is this. The Taliban are dedicating huge resources to putting a major
airbase back into action. That airbase is capable of handling some
of the largest aircraft on the planet. This is not a dirt strip in the middle
of nowhere. This is a massive airbase from which large numbers
of highly capable modern aircraft can operate.
This brings us I suppose to the real question. What do a bunch
of guys with no air force need with an airbase?
And, if they aren’t going to use it, who will?