Why did the globalists blow

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Why did the globalists blow up Putin's rusty pipelines?

It is my deep conviction that the explosions of Putin's rusty
pipelines are a continuation of the globalists' policy of creating
an artificial shortage of energy and food. This sabotage began
with the systematic destruction of cows all over the world, the
burning of warehouses with food, as well as the destruction
of crops. Green energy turned out to be nonsense. Nevertheless,
the globalists continued to eliminate energy sources. Expect
more sabotage at energy facilities, large deaths of cows, poultry,
and so on. They will continue to destroy civilization for the sake
of their "Great Architect". We all know about this cult.
1) JUST IN - Danish Energy Agency puts the energy sector on
orange alert, the second highest level, amid the multiple Nord
Stream gas leaks. https://bit.ly/3fnPVxe
2) The authorities in Denmark can't rule out a deliberate act. Breaks
in gas pipelines happen extremely rarely, says the director of the
Danish Energy Agency. https://bit.ly/3RliDw6
3) UPDATE - The surface area of the largest Nord Stream gas leak
shows a "disturbance" of well over 1 kilometer in diameter, according
to the Danish armed forces. https://bit.ly/3M4axqN