Ministry of Health refuses to

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Russia: Ministry of Health refuses to keep statistics on vaccine deaths

The scandal in Russia sheds light on the real situation with vaccine
deaths around the world.
Sources: https://bit.ly/3FTMlCJ https://bit.ly/3tYXBLM
Russian State Duma deputy Vladimir Plyakin got the Russian Ministry
of Health to answer the question why death statistics among those
vaccinated against coronavirus are not published anywhere. Ministry
of Health response:
"Publishing data on the number of deaths among people vaccinated
against COVID-19 is inappropriate, since such data does not
objectively reflect any relationship of deaths with vaccination and
may cause a negative attitude towards vaccination."
Activists have also been trying for a long time to find out if there
are still data on the mortality of vaccinated people somewhere.
For example, the organization of state statistics for the Murmansk
region gave the following official response (https://bit.ly/3FZX3r9):
"Murmanskstat does not have the requested information on cases and
deaths from the cause of coronavirus infection caused by COVID-19,
separately for vaccinated and unvaccinated against COVID-19, since
its formation is not provided for by the Federal Statistical Plan."
Similar responses came from many other regions of Russia: Orenburg
(https://bit.ly/3rRqlmH), Irkutsk (https://bit.ly/3AxM47u), Chuvashia
(https://bit.ly/3G0t3va), Khakassia ( https://bit.ly/35mvtIa), Belgorod
(https://bit.ly/3GZxDv6) and others (https://bit.ly/3H1klhM).
Thus, it officially became clear that statistics on the incidence of
covid, mortality, post-vaccination effects (side effects) and other
among those vaccinated as a separate category are not provided. At
the same time, for example, according to (https://bit.ly/3IDI08a)
Professor Redko, the mortality among those vaccinated in the
hospital ranges from 10% to 60%, depending on who answers the
question. Physician or pathologist.
Based on the foregoing, it can be argued that the data on real
mortality in the United States, published by independent researchers,
converge with the mortality rate of those vaccinated in Russia as
a percentage. Since neither the Russian nor the American Big Pharma
is interested in endless lawsuits. Therefore, it can be argued that
the vaccine conspiracy does exist.
P.s. The logic of the vaccinators is simple. If you do not keep
records of the side effects of vaccines and deaths after vaccination,
then there are no problems.