Review of Recent UFO Incidents

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Review of Recent UFO Incidents - Big Media Review

1) Witness statement: "I recorded this on my Sony Xperia 5, in East
Kilbride, Scotland on 10th of September 2022 at 8pm. There are two
objects in the sky, moving at a steady speed. They were not massive,
I reckon about the size of a jeep, maybe twice that size at most.
Definitely smaller than a plane and alot bigger than a Drone. They
had no lights, no wings, no windows and no propellers. They also were
completely silent. The objects looked alot bigger in real life. In the
video the objects appear to be black but in real life they had
a similar color to a cloud, not quite white but not quite grey."
He also when on to add, "I just saw them in the sky while on a walk
and thought they moved quite unnatural, almost too steady and in
a perfect straight line. They were also were in a uniform formation,
one behind the other which was strange. I recorded them super quick,
maybe 10 seconds after seeing them. I have never seen anything like
it so I knew I needed to film them. No physical effects on myself
or surroundings" They looked to have a sphere or tic tac shape. They
looked solid and metallic. They seemed to have some smoke coming
out of them sometimes but was hard to know if it was just them
moving through clouds, causing an effect that looked like smoke.
In terms of height, they were flying about twice the height
of a typical city building, definitely lower than a plane would
travel in." (https://bit.ly/3Sd3jmz)
2) Immediately in several cities of the Rostov region, residents
noticed a mysterious glow in the sky. They shared their observations
and photos from the place on social networks. Two strange lights
appeared in the sky over the Rostov region on the evening
of September 20. Two lights were clearly seen by the inhabitants
of Rostov, Azov, Taganrog and Aksai. (https://bit.ly/3UEyxo7)
3) La pilota era da poco decollata dall'aeroporto di Puebla quando,
volgendo lo sguardo all'orizzonte, ha notato un oggetto singolare:
4) El video en TikTok del supuesto OVNI fue tomado desde un
avion que despego de dia del aeropuerto de Puebla, Mexico: