Pfizer posted record profits BioNTech

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Pfizer posted record profits

BioNTech SE said (https://bloom.bg/33MNmPR) its revenue from
the Covid-19 shot it sells together with Pfizer Inc. may be lower
this year than last, predicting sales between 13 billion euros and
17 billion euros ($14.7 billion and $19.3 billion). 
The company said Covid vaccine sales last year will total 16 billion
euros to 17 billion euros. It issued the 2022 prediction in an
investor presentation on Tuesday and is due to release
fourth-quarter financial data on March 30. 
Pfizer in December forecast vaccine sales of $31 billion this year,
based on contracts for 1.9 billion doses signed through mid-
November. The revenue is shared between the partners. The wave
of infections due to the highly transmissible omicron variant has
intensified booster campaigns in Europe and the U.S., though it’s
still not clear how many countries will pursue yet another round
of shots later in the year. 
BioNTech now has around 2 billion doses promised via contracts
and options, Chief Financial Officer Jens Holstein said at the J.P.
Morgan Healthcare Conference. 
“We expect further contracts to be signed in the months to come and
throughout the year,” Holstein said. “There is a high likelihood that
to a certain extent there are additional vaccinations needed.” 
On Monday, Covid vaccine competitor Moderna Inc. said it had
signed purchase agreements worth $18.5 billion for this year, along
with options for another $3.5 billion.