After s goverment simulate deaths

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After Merkel's policy: goverment simulate 400 deaths in first 96 hours

The German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB) are now
warning about a catastrophe that doomsday preppers have long prepared
for: blackouts and civil unrest. Thanks to European leaders' knee-jerk
sanctions against Russia and Europe's hasty implementation of green
energy policies, the European people will have to pay insane energy
costs and live under the constant threat of blackouts, especially during
the upcoming winter months (https://bit.ly/3R2Pdmo).
Municipalities in Germany are gearing up for a dark winter of
blackouts. The Hessian Rheingau-Taunus district hired a company
to simulate and analyze the most pertinent threats in the event of
a blackout this winter. The simulation predicts that 400 deaths are
inevitable inside the district in just the first 96 hours.
If temperatures drop, the deaths will be much more catastrophic,
especially for the elderly.
The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services
(BPA) warn that "this crisis will cost some providers their
existence because the burdens from rising energy costs, general
inflation and the omnipresent shortage of skilled workers can
no longer be borne." Retirement homes and nursing homes will
be "threatened to an unprecedented extent."
The European Commission (https://bloom.bg/3xzBe0t) is taking
action now, with new regulations that call on all European
governments to cut electricity usage by 10 percent. The regulations
include a mandatory 5 percent reduction during peak hours. Germany's
businesses are now paying electricity prices that are 1,000% higher
(https://bit.ly/3xvs6JV) than normal, and many businesses are
currently collapsing (https://bit.ly/3UnHkui) due to the high energy