The New World Order is

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The New World Order is already here

The New World Order is already here (https://bit.ly/3eZYiPy). We're
living in it. And things are going to get far, far worse during the
coming months because we are now already in the kill phase of the
Great Reset. Decisions are made by, or according to the demands of,
a tiny group of lobbyists and cultists who have been manipulated into
representing the interests of the conspirators - either wittingly
or though stupidity and ignorance.
We are being controlled by conspirators who control the sort of
people who believe that gluing themselves to the road in front
of ambulances is a good thing to do.
The world is full of people who think that those of us who worry
about what is happening are half crazed conspiracy theorists. But the
odd thing is that most of those people who think we are conspiracy
theorists are themselves concerned about things that are happening
and that have affected them. The problem is that they haven't looked
at the big picture - they don't realise that all the bad things that
have been happening in the last few years are connected. The
rebranded flu, global warming, the manipulated war against Russia,
the war against us, the deliberately destroyed global economy, the
price rises, the inflation - they are all linked.
The innocents have failed to put two and two together, partly
because they've been too busy worrying about individual threats
to their daily lives, partly because they find it difficult to believe
that anyone could conceive of a plot as evil as the one that has
been underway for years, partly because they're naive, unquestioning
and too ready to believe what they're told by an utterly corrupt
mainstream media, and partly because right from the start those
of us who've told the truth have been demonised, lied about,
censored, suppressed and very effectively silenced by the mainstream
When the Great Reset finally arrives, Sir Klaus Schwab, knighted by
Queen Elizabeth for services to conspiracy, will be the unelected
King of an entirely corrupt world government. Schwab, a 40s villain
from central casting, a cross between Dr Strangelove, Ernst Blofeld
and Dr Mengele, will be surrounded by a gang of C list crooks,
conspirators and half-forgotten celebrities.
If we're not careful we are going to be controlled by those I regard
as sad, sorry, second-rate human beings; people such as Fauci,
Whitty, shabby little civil servants, and Gates, a friend of Jeffrey
Epstein and the BBC. (If Epstein were still alive, the BBC would
doubtless give him a chat show.) Dolly Parton and Piers Morgan will
be joint Global Ministers in charge of apparently knowing everything
but, in reality, understanding nothing. Charles, a 70 odd year old
bloke who has to have help taking the top off his breakfast egg and
putting toothpaste on his brush, will be in charge of entitlement
with William and Kate, a pair of Stepford wives, as his assistants.
The Duke and Duchess of California will doubtless be in charge
of whingeing and sulking - and a good job they'll make of it I'm
If we allow these sad and sorry creatures to defeat us it will be
like the Brazilian football team being thrashed by a team
of one-legged pirates with the scurvy.  But, sadly, we are being
beaten. The conspirators and the collaborators are already running
the world.'  Adapted from Social Credit: Nightmare on your street
by Vernon Coleman which is now available as a hardcover book
(https://bit.ly/3RWu52s), paperback and eBook.