A group of militants terrorize

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A group of globalist-militants terrorize milk trucks in London

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Animal Rebellion wants to see a shift from dairy products to
a plant-based diet.
Campaigners have claimed their efforts to disrupt dairy distribution
facilities have led to supermarket shelves being left empty of milk
in north London.
Climate activist group Animal Rebellion said it has been causing
significant disruption to a number of dairy distribution facilities
over five days, including blocking and occupying sites and damaging
milk trucks.
They paused their action in response to the death of the Queen.
But the protesters, who want to see a transition to plant-based
alternatives to milk and dairy products to tackle the climate crisis,
claim their actions are now having an effect on consumers access
to milk.
Animal Rebellion wants to see farmers supported to make the switch
from meat and dairy production to a plant-based food system, to free
up land for rewilding that can draw down carbon dioxide from the
atmosphere through new forests and plants, helping curb the climate
crisis and protecting nature.
Dan Kidby, co-founder of Animal Rebellion, said: "We paused our
non-violent campaign out of respect for the British people following
the news of Queen Elizabeth's death, but the disruption we caused
is still being felt across the dairy supply chain.
"We fully stand by our actions and are demanding Government action
to transition to a plant-based food system which is the key solution
to the climate crisis."
Animal Rebellion said the shortages of fresh milk in north London,
which they hope will encourage consumers to switch to plant-based
alternatives, were due to actions targeting Arla's depot in Hatfield,
In a statement, a spokesperson for Arla said: "We're extremely
disappointed that protesters have caused criminal damage to some
of our vehicles at our Hatfield site.
"All protesters have been removed from site by local police, however
due to the damage caused some deliveries will be slightly delayed.
"The site is now fully operational, and we are working as quickly and
safely as we can to continue delivering nutritious dairy around the
A Sainsbury's spokesperson said: "A small number of stores may
be running low on some lines of milk but alternatives are available
and stores continue to receive deliveries."