Soccer deaths of vaccinated athletes

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Soccer star: deaths of vaccinated athletes need to be investigated

Former English soccer player Matt Le Tissier wants to know why
many young and healthy (https://bit.ly/3euC8Vg) athletes are dying
after the rollout of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. What's
more troubling, he said, is that the authorities don't seem to care.
"I have seen so many people, so many incidents of young, fit, healthy
sports people collapsing on the field of play," Le Tissier told GB
News anchor Mark Steyn.
"It's just not normal, and yet the media seems to be normalizing it,
and nobody seems to be paying any attention whatsoever to this
huge rise that has gone on. And for the authorities in charge of
these sports to not notice it or not calling an investigation I think
is absolutely scandalous."
He also said that he had been trying to get a meeting with the
"powers that be" in soccer to try to put evidence before them and
show what is happening, because they don't seem to want to
investigate the deaths themselves. "I think that's criminal,"
he said.
The sudden rise in heart attacks and illnesses in dozens of athletes
from multiple sports caught the attention of medical experts like
former Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon, who linked these
cases to the vaccines.
Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognized
the correlation between myocarditis and the mRNA vaccines,
declaring a "likely association" between the two.
Le Tissier also previously voiced concern over the role of the
shots in the sudden onset of illnesses in athletes. John Fleck, an
English soccer player, collapsed during a match last year. And
Trevor Sinclair, a former English soccer player and sports pundit,
was cut off on a radio broadcast because he said that people were
asking if Fleck's illness was linked to the vaccine.
In December, Le Tissier asked again about the connection between
the COVID shots and the sudden illnesses in athletes after three
more suffered illnesses during matches.
In February, he spoke at the General Assembly of the World Council
for Health to discuss problems appearing among professional
footballers. He said that in his 17-year (https://bit.ly/3TNyXbi)
career as an athlete, not once did he see somebody leave the field
with heart problems. But in the last year, Le Tissier added, there
had been so many reports from all around the world of athletes going
down with heart problems.
"I've made no assumptions. All I'm asking for is that somebody takes
a little bit of responsibility and actually comes out and says, right,
something's going on here,'" he said.
"I just wanted to bring attention to the authorities that something's
going on here, that that's not quite right. And we need to find out
the exact reason why that is."