mRNA covid spike proteins found

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mRNA covid spike proteins found in skin lesions MONTHS after vaccination

Japanese doctors (https://bit.ly/3Rhzv7L) have reported that
mRNA-induced spike proteins from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19)
"vaccines" do persist in the body for at least several months
Contradicting government and media claims that jab spike proteins
dissipate almost immediately, the discovery was made on a 64-year-old
person who developed persistent and painful skin lesions just days
after receiving the messenger RNA shot.
Upon analysis, it was discovered that the patient had developed the
varicella-zoster virus, which causes chickenpox. He was treated with
one gram daily of valacyclovir, a drug commonly used to treat herpes
When this was largely ineffective, doctors raised the man's dosage
of valacyclovir to three grams per day, which ultimately got rid
of the lesions.
Doctors then decided to test the lesions for evidence of spike
proteins because the patient had become gravely ill almost
immediately following injection. They discovered that spike proteins
were still present many months after the patient was shot.
"Immunostaining with anti-coronavirus spike protein (SP) antibody
revealed the SP expression in the intravesicular cells in the
epidermis and endothelial cells of the inflamed vessels in the
dermis," they wrote about their findings.
"In addition, the SP was also found in the endothelial cells
of venules in the subcutaneous fat tissue underlying the herpetic
vasculitis lesion."
In speculating about the discovery, reporter Alex Berenson wrote
that the chemical modifications made by both Pfizer and Moderna
with their mRNA mystery shots appear to induce the constant
production spike proteins.
He says the two drug companies "may have produced a zombie
vaccine that will not die," though the researchers themselves put
it like this:
"A plausible hypothesis was that the stabilization of RNA by
substituting methyl-pseudouridine for all the uridine nucleotides
for BNT162b2 might result in long-time production of the
encoded SP from any cells."
In other words, whatever those covid so-called "vaccines" contain
encodes the constant and potentially unending production of deadly
spike proteins inside the body.
This is further substantiated by the fact that many fully jabbed
patients are now suffering from autoimmune crisis such as the
unexpected development of Type 1 diabetes, which is normally
identified and diagnosed in early childhood.
Keep in mind that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) recently and quietly removed information from its website about
mRNA spike proteins. Before, the CDC claimed that mRNA spike
proteins go away not longer after injection. Now, the CDC is silent
about the matter.
Reuters also falsely claimed for quite some time that there
is "no proof" that spike proteins "created in response to mRNA
vaccines are harmful to the body." Now we know for a fact that this
is untrue.
"Physicians cannot find what they won't seek - and sought what wasn't
there for two years," wrote one of Berenson's readers about how no
stateside doctors would ever dare to investigate post-injection
lesions for the presence of spike proteins - even though these same
doctors bought right into the plandemic fearmongering for a "virus"
that has never even been proven to exist.
"Going on 16 months of skin lesions bleeding under the skin of my
left knee for no apparent reason," wrote another who says she got
the shots. "All labs normal - maybe this is what's going on? Great!
Vaccines are the gift that keep on giving (and not in a good way)."
Another thanked the Lord that she just said no to the vax, adding
that no matter what, "I'm never going to get it."