New ufo incidents All of

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New ufo incidents

1) All of Italy in the spring and hot summer of this 2022
is hit by UFO flybys. There are many other places from which
reports have come, such as: Luzerna-San Giovanni (Turin),
Ischia, again Mondragone, Ragusa, Palermo, Syracuse. Salerno,
Paestum and Baia Arena Montecoris (Salerno). Lamezia Terme
(Catanzaro), Milan, Trento, Genoa, Ferrara, Lecce, Citerna (PG),
Rossano Veneto (Vicenza) and so on, as well as in Sardinia,
Abruzzo and so on. (https://bit.ly/3pXpgJH)
2) On Friday, Russian social networks in Nizhny Novgorod posted
videos of a strange object in the sky above the city. It was filmed
from various parts of Nizhny Novgorod. Skeptics propose that
residents saw a cloud of coal in the sky. (https://bit.ly/3Tuh3dz)
3) Masked in turgid language deep inside next year's Senate
intelligence authorization bill lies the following sentence:
"Cross-domain transmedium threats to United States' national
security are expanding exponentially."
 Congress is recognizing that unidentified aerial phenomena 
or "UAPs" as they're now called - may exist. And, if Congress
approves the intelligence bill, lawmakers will mandate the creation
of a special government office to determine what's terrestrial and
what's extraterrestrial. (https://fxn.ws/3PZAbNv)