New Normal s Geisterfahrer Geist

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New Normal Germany's Geisterfahrer Geist

So, it's official (https://bit.ly/3R0Fiye). On Wednesday, August 24,
New Normal Germany's Bundestag rubber stamped the government's
latest revision to the so-called "Infection Protection Act" (i.e., New
Normal Germany's new Enabling Act), authorizing the continued
persecution of "the Unvaccinated" (i.e., New Normal Germany's new
official Untermenschen), the mandatory wearing of medical-looking
masks (i.e., the ideological-compliance symbol of the New Normal
Reich throughout the world), the banning of protests against the
New Normal (i.e., the new official ideology of Germany), and
assorted other "emergency measures."
These "emergency measures" are purportedly designed to protect the
German people from a "health threat" that (a) does not exist; (b) the
vast majority of other countries in Europe and the rest of the world
have finally admitted does not exist; (c) never existed in the first
place; and (d) not even the most fanatical Covidian Cultists can
still pretend to present a plausible argument for the existence of
without sounding like severely cognitively-impaired persons.
For example, Karl Lauterbach (who is still for some reason the
official Minister of Health of Germany, despite the fact that he has
been lying to the public and fomenting hatred of "the Unvaccinated"
like the reanimated corpse of Joseph Goebbels on a daily basis for
over two years) explained why Germany is pushing ahead with its
plan to coercively "vaccinate" the entire population, over and over.
According to Lauterbach, the "vaccines" cause "multiply-vaccinated"
persons to develop symptoms of the illness their multiple
"vaccinations" were designed to keep them from being infected with
more quickly than "the Unvaccinated," so they stay home, and thus
help to "limit the pandemic," whereas "the Unvaccinated," being
"asymptomatic," go around heedlessly infecting "the Vaccinated,"
which they wouldn't be doing if they had been "multiply-vaccinated,"
as they would be home suffering the flu-like symptoms they were
assured the "vaccines" would protect them from suffering but which
actually caused them to suffer more quickly.
OK, at this point, I know you're probably asking, "why haven't the
German people demanded the removal of this obviously deranged
clown from office?" Well, unfortunately, the problem isn't just Karl
Lauterbach. It's also Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany, Marco
Buschmann, the Minister of Justice, and the rest of the government
of New Normal Germany, and the vast majority of the German people,
who appear to be willing to behave as if the rest of the world did
not exist, and click heels and mindlessly follow orders, no matter
how completely absurd.
For example, if you're flying to New Normal Germany from some other
country where reality prevails, the moment your plane enters German
airspace, you are required to don a medical-looking mask, and not
just any old medical-looking mask, but an FFP2 Filtering Face Piece
as defined by the EN 149 standard, which has been proven to protect
you from the BA.5 Variant of the Omicron Variant of the SARS CoV-2
Variant (i.e., the original Covid-19 Variant) by the "the Golden
Syrian Hamster Model," (https://bit.ly/3RdmtHQ) according to the
New Normal German authorities.
Of course, this Filtering Face Piece mandate does not apply to
government officials and their mouthpieces in the German media, an
entire planeload of whom just flew from New Normal Germany to
New Normal Canada and back in a state of flagrant masklessness.
And that is just one of the numerous examples of the fascistic spirit
that has taken hold of the country I willingly emigrated to almost
exactly 18 years ago, which I now no longer recognize. Here's another
one, which will turn your stomach. It's a video clip of a Deutsche
Bahn Gestapo Officer (a newly created official position formerly
known as "train conductor") barking orders at a maskless woman,
over and over, like in a Spielberg film, then finally physically
assaulting the woman …
I think that will suffice in terms of examples of the atmosphere here
in New Normal Germany.
Now, believe it or not, I have tried to give the German people the
benefit of the doubt (i.e., as a people) during the last two and
a half years. Sure, I have occasionally likened their behavior to
the behavior of the German people during their unsavory (i.e., Nazi)
past, and I have compared the evolution of New Normal Germany
to the early days of Nazi Germany on … OK, more than a few
occasions, but I have emphasized that this disturbingly fascistic,
mindless, order-following behavior has nothing to do with the
German character per se, because we've seen the identical
disturbingly fascistic, mindless, order-following behavior erupt
in countries all over the world, but, at this point, if the German
people continue to behave in a disturbingly fascistic, mindless,
order-following manner while people all throughout the rest of
the world go about their daily lives without having to show their
"vaccination papers" to some goon to be allowed to enter a cafe
and get a fucking cup of coffee, and otherwise exist in a more or
less maskless, post-mass-hysterically-paranoid state … if the
Germans are willing to continue to do that (i.e., behave in the
aforementioned mindlessly fascistic, authority-worshiping,
frightening fashion and make themselves the laughing stock
of the world), I'm not going to be so nice anymore. I'm going to
call them some derogatory names. I'm going to question their
character as a people. I'm going to publicly speculate about
exactly what the fuck is wrong with them.
I hope and pray I don't have to do that. We've got about a month
before the new "restrictions" take effect. Which is plenty of time
for the German people to rise up and put an end to all this. I've
been assured by my German friends that the German people will
not do this, but what can I say? I'm a hopeless optimist.
In any event, I'll keep you posted … unless, of course
(https://bit.ly/3cqZM4e), I get arrested the for "delegitimizing the
democractic state" or "relativizing the Holocaust," or whatever.
In the meantime, enjoy the end of Summer, and don't worry too
much about what's happening here in New Normal Germany, or in
New Normal Canada (https://bit.ly/3cqZYR0), or New Normal
Washington DC (https://bit.ly/3AUZZpJ), or wherever. It all over
now, mostly, isn't it, the whole New Normal nightmare, right? They
would never, ever, do it again … not wherever you live, right?