Mass resurrections of the dead

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Mass resurrections of the dead recorded around the world - media review

1) On April 20, 2021, the priest of the Greek Church Nikola Manolis
came to life in a coffin, after which he began to sing church hymns
while lying in a coffin.
2) Indian Man Wakes Up at Own Funeral Just Before Being Buried.
3) Girl, 3, declared "dead", wakes up at her funeral then dies again.
4) A young man who died as a result of a bee sting in Agstafa
(Azerbaidjan) woke up during a funeral.
5) According to the Josef Shmuel channel, he got a video filmed in
Brazil, where relatives buried another victim of the covid raging
in the country. However, when the body was placed in the hearse,
it was as if the deceased woman began to show signs of life:
The channel has been removed by YouTube, the original video
is no longer available.