Graphene can be used to

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Graphene can be used to assemble radio electronics in biological systems

Groundbreaking information has come to light about the role of
graphene, which many believe is contained in or produced by Wuhan
coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines," in radio frequency electronics.
A paper published in the journal Nature
(https://go.nature.com/3CH2PAf) Communications back in 2014 
- entitled, "Graphene radio frequency receiver integrated circuit" - 
explains how graphene has "superior electrical properties" and has
strong potential as "a future channel material in radio frequency
"Fabrication of a graphene integrated circuit without significantly
degrading transistor performance has proven to be challenging, posing
one of the major bottlenecks to compete with existing technologies,"
the study's abstract reads.
"Here we present a fabrication method fully preserving graphene
transistor quality, demonstrated with the implementation of a
high-performance three-stage graphene integrated circuit."
That fabrication method, we now know, involves the use of nearly
nanoscale-sized circuit components that are assembled for the purpose
of radio signal amplification, filtering, and down-conversation
As the study explains, graphene was successfully used in experiments
to "perform practical wireless communication functions, receiving and
restoring digital text transmitted on a 4.3-GHz carrier signal."
How does this relate to Fauci Flu shots, you might be asking?
Firstly, there has been much credible speculation as to the true
contents of the shot vials, with some evidence out there that
suggests they contain graphene.
The Health Ranger also made an incredible discovery recently about
covid jab-related clots that are not, in fact, blood clots as many
previously believed.
These non-blood clots, the Health Ranger further found using mass
spec laboratory analysis, contain high concentrations of electrically
conductive elements such as sodium (Na), aluminum (Al), and tin
(Sn). The clots themselves also appear to draw or harvest metal
elements from the circulating blood supply to build and expand their
structure and size.
"It is noteworthy that many of these elements are conductive.
Aluminum, for example, is the most common alternative to copper
for use in electrical wiring," the Health Ranger writes. "Sodium is
an alkali metal that is highly conductive, and tin is used as the
primary component in solder alloys used to manufacture or repair
circuit boards."
The 2014 study mentioned earlier discusses how graphene is used
to create tiny circuit boards of microscopic size that enhance the
conductivity and use of other metals. Could it be that Fauci Flu
shots are self-assembling tiny circuit boards from metals siphoned
from the blood, resulting in clots?
"The clot is almost entirely lacking key marker elements that would
be present in human blood (such as iron and potassium) yet shows
significantly higher concentrations of elements that are used in
electronics and circuitry," the Health Ranger writes.
It does not appear that these clots are "living" in the same way as,
say, hair or fingernails. They appear to be "dead" biostructures
that self-assembled to the point of killing their host – though it
could be that they were living before their victims died.
"Prions, for example, are self-assembling but non-living
biostructures too," the Health Ranger further explains. "They are
essentially mis-folded proteins that spread throughout the brain
(or other regions), causing morphological alterations that nullify
both the normal structure and function of neurological cells."
"Something does not have to be alive in order to be self-assembling.
Even viruses, as described by traditional virology, are dead
structures which are nevertheless self-assembling and can 'grow' in
size and mass in terms of their aggregate population."
This is more than likely just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what
these clots actually are, and what their true purpose is. Why are
covid injections causing people's bodies to build these suffocating
masses that grow in size to the point of killing their hosts? Is the
only goal just to depopulate, or is there more to it than that?
Since the Health Ranger also discovered strange fibers in the masses,
one of our readers was reminded about Morgellons disease, which
is demarcated by tiny fiber parasites that emerge from the skin
following exposure to certain toxins.
"Would be interesting to see an experiment conducted where elements
found, not so much in quantity but more in ratio to each other, where
Na, Al, Sn, are subjected to 5GHz spectrum shifts," added another
about how he would like to see the elements in these clots exposed
to 5Ghz radio waves, which are different than the 4.3Ghz radio waves
looked at in the 2014 study about graphene.
"Of particular interest, 26GHz to 30GHz (blood plasma affected), and
60GHz (oxygen atom gets severely affected). Distances of [less than]
1M (Bluetooth level mV, cell ph. usage), 10, 30, 100 metres. If you
find these external influences triggering the coagulation of these
and other elements already present in humans, we may have hit the
jackpot. It is too much of a coincidence the concentration of
'vaccine' deaths to, not just 5G zones, but areas of high wi-fi and
microwave exposure."
Others speculated about the possible presence of calcium inside these
non-blood clots, hoping that the Health Ranger will divulge whether
or not that substance is found in them or not.
"I'd also read up on the nano graphene-based tissue scaffolding
technologies," added another, hearkening back to the findings of the
2014 graphene study.