Pilot health problems reported to

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Pilot health problems reported to be on the radical rise - proofs

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I installed ((https://bit.ly/3GREUNy)) an app some months ago,
which gives a push message when an aircraft squawks 7700. The
first time it happened, I thought the plane was about to crash, but
fortunately nothing happened. However, within the last months,
I got a lot of notifications, maybe a few a week or so. I'm
wondering, why there are so many emergency alerts?
I've read about possible reasons (https://bit.ly/3GZFOHG) for
7700 squawks and they seem to be manifold. Isn't the purpose
of an emergency call to be used only in really critical scenarios?
How is an aircraft going down to be differentiated from one
carrying a sick passenger? Are there any plans in the industry
to change the current system?
This was real easy to fact check, it is legit I have fact checked
this, it is legit (https://bit.ly/3qJmCsg). In-flight emergency
sqwaks, (sqwak 7700) have indeed increased by about 124X
(12,400 percent) since the vax (https://bit.ly/3Ku0mu3). Gosh,
that matches the previous percentage increase of pilot deaths too.
Pretty soon we are going to start having planes with both pilot
and co-pilot disabled. A while ago I posted a list of all the
commercial pilot deaths post.
But was VERY EASY to confirm. I frequently look at flightradar24
so I suspected this was legit and sure enough, there really are that
many planes declaring emergencies. I did not know how many was
normal, so I looked for precedent and found it. Normally there
really are only a few sqwaks per month, here is a post from six
years ago where a pilot is wondering why there were suddenly
1-4 per week.