The dystopia of the carbon

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The dystopia of the carbon dictatorship of the globalists - investigation

Let me introduce you to Barbara Baarsma. Barbara is the CEO of Rabo
Carbon Bank. Yes, you read that right. Not Rabo Bank but Rabo Carbon
Bank. In this 53 second video interview below she is advocating for a
"Personal Carbon Wallet". That may not seem like a big deal but when
you hear what she has to say you should be concerned, very concerned
in fact.
I've transcribed the interview as it is in Dutch. It contains critical
information. If you prefer to watch the video with subtitles by all
means please do so.
"Let's ensure that every household or every citizen of the
Netherlands receives a certain amount of carbon emission rights.
This way we can ensure that we do not emit more than our yearly
limit. Your emission rights will be stored in a carbon wallet. So if
I wanted to fly, I would buy some carbon emission rights from
someone who can't afford to fly. For example this way this poor
person can earn some extra money.
Or if someone lives in a small house, he can sell his emission rights
to someone who lives in a big house, this way poor people can
benefit from the green economy"
Wow. Quite something isn't it. Let's pick it apart and then look at
how they are probably going to implement it.
You could argue that it's just another level of taxation which the
globalists will take. I think it runs far deeper. When Bankers start
using expressions like rights, poor people and green economy you
can be sure that they are envisaging a world for the elite. They
don't give a fig about anyone else.
So in its most basic form, you'll have no fun and won't be allowed
to travel anywhere. But don't worry the elites will have the fun
for you.
This is nothing more than Totalitarianism.
Did I forget to mention that Rabobank and Baarsma are both in the
World Economic Forum.
When most people think of carbon emissions and carbon footprints
they think it only refers to travel, fuel, gas and electricity all under
the guise of emissions. I hate to break it to you but it runs far
deeper than that.
Let me now introduce you to Doc Ono, a company you may never have
heard of.
Doconomy is a "credit card" endorsed by Klaus Schwab's World
Economic Forum.
In May 2019 an article appeared on the WEF site called
"This credit card has a carbon-emission spending limit"
In the article it says
"Swedish fintech company Doconomy has launched a new credit card
that monitors the carbon footprint of its customers - and cuts off their
spending when they hit their carbon max"
Yikes, cuts off their spending.
It continues
"The DO card tracks the CO2 emissions linked to purchases to
calculate the carbon impact of every transaction. The aim is to
encourage people to actively reduce their carbon footprint and
demonstrate the impact that small changes can have on the
The card uses the Aland Index as the basis on which it calculates
the carbon footprint of each product purchased. Users can set
a maximum value for their carbon spend and learn how to compensate
for their carbon footprint by contributing towards schemes to reduce
or remove greenhouse gas emissions"
Now we are getting closer to the truth of how this is going to
operate. It isn't just travel, it will be for everything.
In February 2019 Mastercard published an article called
Mastercard and Doconomy Launch the Future of Sustainable
Payments where they say
"Doconomy and Mastercard announce their joint effort to combat
climate change by enabling DO – a free and easy-to-use mobile
banking service that lets users track, understand and reduce their
CO2 footprints through carbon offsetting"
Isn't it fascinating that they emphasise it will allow the users to
track everything. It would never be used for nefarious purposes such
as banks and governments tracking everything. Of course not
Mastercard is also a WEF partner.
The United Nations also got on board in May 2019. They published
an article called
Innovative Climate Action – New Credit Card Limits Climate Impact
of Users
Patrica Espinosa, the UN Climate Change Executive Secretary
couldn't get enough of the concept, singing its praises.
And yes, you guessed it, Espinosa and UN are also WEF partners.
We are beginning to see a trend here yet again, aren't we.
The big banks also see this as a massive opportunity. In 2021
Barclays hopped into bed with MasterCard and Doconomy.
Seems like full on surveillance and socialism to me. And you probably
don't need me to tell you by this stage that Barclays is also a WEF
But that's not even close to what the WEF, Mastercard, UN and all
these globalist bodies have planned. You are only being told
a fraction of the story.
Let me paint you a picture of how this might play out. In Ireland,
back in March of this year, Marc O Cathasaigh who is a Green Party
TD (MP) paid a visit to a pub called Brew Dog in Dublin. He showed
an image of the menu which had CO2 (carbon dioxide) labelling beside
every food item on the menu and asked the question
Would this influence what you would order?
On the left side of the menu is your standard chicken, beef, lamb
etc whilst on the right is your ‘plant-based' food including the lab
processed 'Beyond Meat'. Bill Gates is also an investor in ‘Beyond
There isn't much difference in the outrageous Dublin prices between
the two food types. There is however a massive difference in the CO2
The other point which is important to mention is that a seed is being
planted in people's minds about the different CO2 levels. They are
trying to influence people into the hands of plant based foods and
Beyond Meats. There is no doubt about it that there is an agenda at
I have no idea what the criteria was that they used for measuring the
CO2 levels but the point is restaurants are beginning to trial this.
I read all the comments below the thread with some saying it was
a good idea and some said it wasn't. The problem though was that
everyone responding totally missed the point.
Here is what is probably going to happen. When you go out to
a restaurant depending on what your "carbon footprint" has been, will
determine what you can and cannot order off the menu.
Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it ? Depending on how many points you
have left for that month will determine whether you are allowed to
eat "proper food" or "lab food".
If you've been a bold boy or girl you'll only be allowed to eat the
lab grown plant-based food so you don't surpass your carbon
quota. If you try to order beef which apparently has high CO2 levels
you won't be allowed to.
This will also be the case when you go to supermarkets to do your
weekly shop. Every item you buy will be assigned a CO2 number.
It gets even more ridiculous though. Within the last month Eamonn
Ryan who is a WEF member and leader of the Green Party in Ireland
has advocated for the reduction in the numbers of Irish cattle.
Instead we will import cattle from Brazil. I like to call this the
work of the "Ruminati" If you know, you know.
How do you think the carbon footprint of importing beef from Brazil
would look like on a menu now. It would be off the charts. Do you
see what they are trying to achieve and where this is going ?
The whole thing sounds ridiculously Dystopian, doesn't it ? That
would never happen. It's so 1984, I hear you shout. If you have been
paying attention to the last 2.5 years then you will realise it's not
remotely far-fetched at all.
We are being told how this is going to pan out. All you have to do
is watch an episode of Black Mirror called Nosedive where the topic
is social credit scores. Just substitute social credit score with carbon
footprints and you will understand. Digital IDs and Currency, Social
Credit Scores and Carbon Footprints will all work in tandem in the
I mentioned earlier Doc Ono. On their own site they give another
example of how this would work for clothing. Let's say you wanted
to buy a pair of jeans ??
On their web site they say
"Consumers could cut their carbon footprint in half by choosing
lower impact products"
Imagine going shopping and having to whip out your "carbon
calculator" and realise you only have 10 points to play with. You
won't be able to buy the 21.45 CO2 jeans, you'll have to plump for
the 8.98 CO2 jeans. After all, you won't be allowed to go over your
quota or your card will stop working and your digital payment will
be declined.
I just mentioned a "carbon calculator". It just so happens that
Mastercard have already developed it.
In a 2021 press release on their site they say
Mastercard unveils new Carbon Calculator tool for banks globally,
as consumer passion for the environment grows.
Guess who they have collaborated with. Doconomy. Go Figure.
This will be rolled out in the shape of an app so you can check your
carbon footprint which will determine what you can and can't buy.
But it isn't just any old "carbon calculator" it's a 2030 carbon
calculator, as in Agenda 2030. If you look closely enough at the top
left hand corner of the image you can see the transition from 2020
to 2030.
It will eventually take the shape of an app that covers all the bases
of Digital ID, Digital currency, social credit score etc. Basically
a total control and surveillance grid which there will be no escape
from. Welcome to Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" and George
Orwell's "1984" rolled into one.
Now whether this happens in reality or not is another story entirely.
These are not the rantings of some mad, conspiracy theorist. I've
tried to provide proof of what is going on in the real world. It's up
to you whether you want to believe it or not and whether we let it
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