Fish epidemic outbreak in California

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Fish epidemic outbreak in California

California is set to "humanely euthanize" 350,000 rainbow
trout due to disease rapidly spreading through the state's
population (https://fxn.ws/39ZeoXc).
Californian rainbow trout populations at two government
hatcheries are currently seeing a spike in bacterial infections
that threaten the species' long-term health. Approximately
350000 trout are thought to be affected.
Lactococcus petauri is a natural bacterium that can cause bulging
eyes, erratic movement and high mortality in fish populations.
The bacteria very rarely jumps from fish to humans.
The state Department of Fish and Wildlife announced it would
be using "two different types of fish vaccines (immersion and
injection) developed by scientists at the University of California,
Davis, at the affected hatcheries."