vaccination did not save the

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Israel: vaccination did not save the country

The Israeli Ministry of Health on the morning of Monday, January 17,
without explanation, did not publish new data on the coronavirus
epidemic in the country. The day before, January 16, the publication
of the report was delayed by about six hours due to "technical
problems." The second delay occurs against the backdrop of
a significant increase in the number of infected people. Perhaps
this is due to the fact that many employees responsible for
information support in the Ministry of Health are sick or in
On the evening of January 16, the Ministry of Health reported more
than 253 thousand infected with coronavirus in the country, of which
1303 were hospitalized, 446 in serious condition
(https://bit.ly/3rmKX6g). Culture and Sports Minister Healy Trooper
has tested positive for the coronavirus. Trooper has been vaccinated
with three doses of the coronavirus vaccine and feels fine. The
minister did not take part in the government meeting, which took
place on Sunday morning. Trooper became the fifth minister to test
positive for coronavirus (https://bit.ly/3fBiXGy).
The Israel Railways continues to cut train schedules due to sick
drivers. The Rakevet Israel railway company reported that due to
the illness of the drivers, the train schedule was reduced, the
interval of movement was increased on some lines, and other lines
were not served at all. According to the Rakevet Israel, the number
of trains on the high-speed line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv has
been reduced by 50%: trains will run once an hour in each direction.
Service on the Beit Shean-Haifa line has been completely
discontinued. Stations on this line will be temporarily closed.
There is no train traffic on the Dimona-Beersheba line. The station
in Beit Shemesh has also been temporarily closed. The railway
company said that free "shuttles" will run from closed stations. In
addition, the operating time of the Ashkelon-Sderot-Netivot-Ofakim
-Beer Sheva line will be reduced. Free buses will run after the
trains stop working until midnight (https://bit.ly/3tBhCrk).
It begs a naive question. Vaccination really does not affect the
number of infected in the country? Or does it, after all, contribute
to an increase in the number of infected citizens?