Student dies in agony after

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Student dies in agony after being vaccinated with Sputnik V

Student of the Kamchatka State University of Vitus Bering, Valentina
Yazenok died after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. Before
that, the girl ended up in intensive care, where they tried to save
her, but to no avail. The Ministry of Health of the region hastened
to declare that vaccination against Covid-19 had nothing to do with
it, but the inhabitants of the region do not believe this. Vostok
Today found out who and how will explain the death of a young man
to the inhabitants of the peninsula, whether it can be explained at
all. The death of a young girl who, according to her mother,
"was vaccinated to live a full life," deeply shocked all the
inhabitants of the region.
The first component gave complications in the form of severe
headaches. After the second component, she became paralyzed.
The girl was not hospitalized immediately, the treatment did not
give any results. Even during resuscitation, Kamchatka doctors sent
a report to Roszdravnadzor about an adverse reaction to the vaccine
- this was found out with the help of the student's mother, Alena
Engelsgard, by the journalists of the Information Agency Kam 24
(https://bit.ly/3FD5hoQ). The Ministry of Health of Kamchatka
hastened to publish a message in which he tried to refute the
relationship between vaccination and the death of a girl.
According to officials, Valentina was diagnosed with a stroke. The
Ministry of Health refers to the fact that the doctors had no reason
to conduct an in-depth examination of the student before
vaccination, to give a medical exemption, as she did not complain
about anything. Also, the regional medical authorities, referring to
medical secrecy, speak of a "chronic illness" in an 18-year-old
patient, about which neither she nor the doctors knew. The governor
of Kamchatka, Vladimir Solodov, hastened to publish posts of
condolences on his social networks, adding that he had instructed
the Minister of Health to investigate the causes of the death of
Valentina Yazenok.
However, judging by the hundreds of comments on social networks
that residents are leaving today under Solodov's post, the
vaccination campaign in the region can be considered disrupted.
People are very scared. Many write that they do not believe a single
word of Solodov and officials of the Ministry of Health. Kamchatka
residents accuse the governor, the government and the Ministry of
Health that in the region even people who are reliably aware of their
chronic diseases are denied medical advice. People demand the
appointment of an independent medical examination and the
involvement of independent medical lawyers.