Official health authorities caught lying

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Official health authorities caught lying about monkeypox

One of the premier oracles of truth about public health – or so
we are told – is once again lying about (https://bit.ly/3NVYnj8)
the latest infectious disease scare, also known as monkeypox.
Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, which is heavily funded by the Bill
& Melinda Gates Foundation, is falsely claiming that “one in ten
cases can be fatal,” referring to monkeypox. The group claims that
monkeypox is “similar to viruses like Ebola” in the way that it
As of now, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not issued
any recommendations for how to treat monkeypox. However, the
United Nations arm says that “the original first-generation smallpox
vaccines are no longer available to the general public.”
A newer vaccine “is also not yet widely available,” the WHO further
notes, suggesting that one is on the way, perhaps once again at warp
speed just like Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” appeared
in late 2020.
It turns out that pretty much nothing from the previous two
paragraphs is actually true, despite coming from this supposedly
“trusted” and “official” public health source.
The claim that one in ten cases of monkeypox can be fatal is false
in that it all depends on the country. In West Congo, for instance,
the death rate from monkeypox is around 1 percent. In Congo,
however, it has been seen as high as 10 percent.
A new study published in the journal Nature suggests that the
currently circulating strain of monkeypox is unknown, though we
are being told that it is primarily spreading among homosexual men
at wild raves and sex parties. It also suggests that “most people
recover from monkeypox in a few weeks without treatment,” even
in “poor rural populations.”
This sounds a whole lot less scary than what the WHO is trying to
peddle on First Worlders who believe everything they see and hear
from CNN and MSNBC.
As for the claim that there are no specific treatment recommendations
for monkeypox, this is also false. Numerous antivirals have been
shown to be effective against viruses in this family, including the
drug tecovirimat.
Then we have vaccines, the WHO’s claim of which “pulls the same
logical tricks” as the aforementioned false statements, according to
The Epoch Times‘ Joshua Philipp.
“It acknowledges that the original vaccine for smallpox is not
publicly available, which can again confuse the next caveat that
there is a new vaccine for smallpox and monkeypox,” Philipp adds.
It was the year 2019, just before the Fauci Flu appeared, that the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first “vaccine”
for monkeypox, called JYNNEOS.
JYNNEOS is, in fact, not yet widely available – but it soon will be.
The US goverment is ordering millions of doses, and since the jab was
developed at the Penn Center, the will soon be raking in the dough
from this latest plandemic scam.
“The administration recently placed a $119 million order for millions
of doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine,” Philipp notes.
Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA (messenger RNA) technology,
also chimed in on the matter by adding that official claims about the
estimated death count from monkeypox are also skewed, being “highly
biased towards more severe cases” in the worst-hit countries.
“… [C]ountries rarely will detect and do not report cases of mild
disease to the WHO,” Malone maintains.
“Monkeypox is a virus and disease which is endemic in Africa,” Malone
adds. “It is readily controlled by classical public health measures.
It does not have a high mortality rate.”
Unfortunately, millions of people will never hear this critical
information, and will instead be spoon-fed by the “authorities” false
information that will cause them to panic and obey whatever the
government tells them to do, possibly resulting in another tyrannical