of Pregnant Women Injected with

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97% of Pregnant Women Injected with Pfizer Jab Lost Their Babies

Newly released FDA data shows that between 82% – 97% of pregnancys
documented (https://bit.ly/38ZYFXH) by Pfizer in early 2021 resulted
in death after receiving the jab .
This is yet more damning evidence that Pfizer and the FDA colluded
together to conceal damaging data related to the roll out of the Pfizer
COVID-19 jabs.
Healthimpactnews (https://bit.ly/3tgoFF8) reports: Back in May of
2021, Operation Rescue published a report from a whistleblower who
had examined the Pfizer documents submitted to the European
Medicines Agency (EMA) which authorized the Pfizer COVID-19
vaccines for emergency use in the UK back in December of 2020, and
among those documents (which we assume were also submitted to the
FDA but not yet made public) were the results of animal trials
showing serious birth defects occurred in rat specimens injected with
the vaccines.
However, when the FDA issued an EUA for the Pfizer COVID-19
vaccines shortly after the EMA, in December of 2020, they did NOT
include any warnings for pregnant and child-bearing women.
As of the 5/20/2022 release of VAERS data, there have been 4,202
cases recorded of fetal deaths following COVID-19 vaccines for the
past 18 months since these vaccines were issued EUAs.
By way of contrast, performing the exact same search in VAERS for
the previous 30 years (360 months) there were only 2,239 fetal deaths
recorded following all FDA-approved vaccines during those 30+ years.
That’s a 3,653% increase in dead babies following COVID-19
vaccines, compared to deaths of pre-born children following vaccines
for the previous 30+ years.