Covid deaths was caused by

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Russia: Covid deaths was caused by the collapse of the medicine

The first scientific and practical conference of the Russian
movement "Doctors for Truth!", entitled "Clinical and organizational
aspects of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of COVID-19",
was held on December 12, 2021 in Moscow
Pavel Andreevich Vorobyov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
of the Moscow Medical Academy, Chairman of the Moscow City
Scientific Society of Therapists, answered questions among other
reputable doctors and scientists.
According to the professor, the last conference brought together for
the first time doctors and specialists who had been "shut up"
before. However, now there has been a discussion of the problem
of coronavirus and vaccination against it, not from the point of
view of "ideology" or "party line", but from the point of view of
science. Vorobyov stressed that it is necessary to treat COVID-19
properly, and doctors and specialists should listen to each other,
read the relevant literature, and not be guided only by the orders
of administrators from above, who, moreover, do not have a
medical education.
According to the professor, the "high" mortality is caused by the
destruction of the healthcare system in Russia, and the authorities
do not provide information on the real statistics of morbidity and
mortality from coronavirus.