Davos Reveals Blocks For Credit

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Davos Reveals Building-Blocks For "Green" Social-Credit System

This week, during one of the WEF’s live-streamed panels, Alibaba
Holdings President J. Michael Evans claimed that the company is
working on an app that could track an individual users carbon
The former-Goldman Sachs vice-chairman told the audience of the
“Strategic Outlook: Responsible Consumption” panel:
"We’re developing, through technology, an ability for consumers
to measure their own carbon footprint. What does that mean? That’s
where are they travelling, how are they travelling, what are they
eating, what are they consuming on our platform. So: An individual
carbon footprint tracker".
"The third thing, we call it “Green Travel”. So, we have within our
business something called AMAP – a mapping, think Google Maps
or Ways – plus travel destination business. So what we’re going to
allow people to do is, first of all, calculate the best and most
efficient route and also the most efficient form of transportation.
And then, if they take advantage of those recommendations, we’ll
give them bonus points which they can redeem elsewhere on our
platform. So, they are incentivised to do the right thing, even while
they are provided the opportunity to do the wrong thing.”
So let’s put these three facts together. It seems Alibaba currently
has apps, either being used or in development, that:
1. Monitor travel routes and methods and “reward” users for making
the “correct choice”.
2. Can track an individual’s “carbon footprint”, including what they
eat and where.
3. Have users “earn points” for “earth-friendly habits”.