CNN Finally Admits mRNA Jabs

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CNN Finally Admits mRNA Jabs Destroy Immunity

CNN is now admitting that Covid-19 mRNA jabs are destroying people’s
natural immunity – something independent media outlets have reported
for months.
In an article published Friday breaking down “The quest for longer
lasting Covid-19 vaccines,” and as breakthrough infections for double
vaccinated and boosted individuals have continued to mount, CNN
admitted scientists are trying to figure out why immunity supposedly
provided by the jabs doesn’t seem to last.
“But there’s another piece of the immunity puzzle that scientists are
urgently trying to solve, and that is whether some of this drop off in
our protection may be a result of the mRNA technology used to build
some Covid-19 vaccines, such as those developed by Moderna and
Pfizer/BioNTech, which were the first in the world to use this
Vaccine cheerleader Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has pushed the mRNA
vaccines for close to two years, contributed to the article, this time
claiming, “Some vaccine platforms give a very high degree of
protection but the durability isn’t very long.”
He then threw the failed experimental mRNA technology under
the bus saying, “We got a really great platform with mRNA… But
let’s try to be better.”
The talking point was also espoused on “Good Morning America”
of all places last week, with an ABC News senior medical contributor
admitting the mRNA vaccines and subsequent boosters could be
destroying immune systems.
Indeed, CNN’s latest piece echoes what Infowars and others have
been reporting for months, namely that the vaccines are weakening
the body’s immune response leaving people vulnerable to recurring
The anomaly was first reported by vaccine researcher Alex Berenson,
who highlighted an alarming admission by the UK government that
antibody levels appeared to be lower in people who were infected
with Covid-19 after being vaccinated.
“What the British are saying is they are now finding the vaccine
interferes with your body’s innate ability after infection to produce
antibodies against not just the spike protein but other pieces of the
virus,” Berenson explained at the time.
The researcher took a bittersweet victory lap Monday highlighting
another passage in the CNN article (https://cnn.it/38ROxjB) that
appeared to admit mRNA vaccines have been a total failure.
The CNN passage stated:
The United States is at a point in the pandemic now where health
officials are grappling with the fact that to maintain immunity
against Covid-19 in the community, the nation will either need to
administer booster shots on a regular — or possibly annual — basis,
or will need to rollout an entirely new vaccine altogether.
The statement portends the media may soon attempt to distance itself
from the failed vaccine, Berenson writes (https://bit.ly/3sXLhtA).
“What you’re seeing here is the first steps toward an official
acknowledgement that the mRNA vaccines have failed and new
vaccines are coming sooner or later,” he wrote.
If that’s the case, the White House will also cease promotion of the
ineffective boosters, of which Joe Biden has received two booster
doses, and possibly blame vaccine skeptics for the hesitancy.
“Thus the booster campaigns will be allowed to molder, probably
within months,” Berenson predicts. “The White House will excuse
the failure of the vaccines as a failure of public opinion, claiming
that ‘mRNA vaccine hesitancy has risen to unsustainable levels,’
or some such, and that we need new vaccine technology. (By new
I mean old, most likely.) They may even be cynical enough to blame
those of us who were right all along for said hesitancy.’”
In other words, the “conspiracy theorists” will have been right again.
There could be a silver lining, however, in that Pfizer would sustain
a large hit to their profits if the millions of vaccine doses go
unused, and ride off into the sunset with their coffers filled.
“The great mRNA experiment will come to an end, not with a bang but
with 200 million expired doses in freezers. The most likely but by no
means certain outcome is: zero long-term benefit, zero to some
long-term harm, and $100 billion-plus for Pfizer and the gang,”
Berenson predicts.