out of hospitalized with omicron

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Scotland: 4 out of 5 hospitalized with omicron - vaccinated

The latest official Public Health data suggests that the Omicron
Covid-19 variant is no worse than the common cold among the
unvaccinated population but seems to be affecting the triple
vaccinated population much more severely with the latest figures
confirming that the vaccinated population have accounted for 8
in every 10 cases, 7 in every 10 hospitalisations, and 8 in every
10 Covid-19 deaths since the 20th November 2021 despite the
booster jab campaign.
Public Health Scotland (PHS) publish a weekly Covid-19 statistical
report containing figures on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and
deaths by vaccination status.
On the 22nd December PHS published the first Covid-19 statistical
report to contain figures on the triple/booster vaccinated
population, and have since published a further two reports meaning
we have been able to analyse 7 weeks worth of Covid-19 data on the
effectiveness of the booster jab, and this is what we found…
Covid-19 Statistical Report as at 20 Dec 21: https://bit.ly/3Kd6Ayp
Covid-19 Statistical Report as at 05 Jan 22: https://bit.ly/3twICbB
Covid-19 Statistical Report as at 10 Jan 22: https://bit.ly/33DxJKj
Covid-19 Statistical Report as at 13 Jan 22: https://bit.ly/3FvfP9x
Omicron allegedly hit UK shored at the end of November 2021, and
as we can see at this point the vaccinated population accounted for
roughly double the amount of cases, with 11,399 cases among the
vaccinated and 6,633 cases among the unvaccinated between 20th
Nov and 26th Nov.
However fast forward 1 month and we can see things begin to change
drastically with the vaccinated population accounting for roughly 5
times as many cases, with 49,955 cases among the vaccinated and
just 9,070 cases among the unvaccinated between 18th Dec and
24th Dec.
The following week however gets much worse, with the vaccinated
population accounting for roughly 6.5 times as many cases. There
were 92,844 cases among the vaccinated population but just 14,465
cases among the unvaccinated population.
What’s also interesting to note here, as illustrated perfectly in the
graph below, is the extreme rise in cases among both the two dose
vaccinated and three dose vaccinated population whilst cases among
the unvaccinated population fell throughout December before rising
slightly towards the end of the month.
As you can see from the above cases among the unvaccinated and
vaccinated population fell in the week of Jan 1st to Jan 7th 22.
However, they only fell in the vaccinated population because of a
fall in cases among the 1 dose vaccinated and two dose vaccinated
population, whilst they actually rose among the three dose
vaccinated population.
If you ever needed any evidence that the booster jab makes you much
more susceptible to catching Covid-19 within the first couple of
weeks of getting the jab then here it is. 
Overall, from 20th Nov 21 to 7th Jan 22 there were a total of
350,072 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Scotland. The unvaccinated
population accounted for just 64,638 of these cases, whilst the
vaccinated population accounted for a shocking 285,434. 
The data could not be clearer, the Covid-19 vaccines are incapable
of preventing infection or transmission, and it looks as if those
who’ve had the booster are currently on a trajectory to more misery
after already accounting for the majority of hospitalisations in
2022, and will most likely soon account for the majority of deaths.
Because this data proves that Omicron is proving to be no worse than
the common cold among the the unvaccinated population, but it is
proving to be so severe among the the vaccinated that they are
putting pressure on hospitals.
If nothing changes in retrospect of this data then surely even the
most avid supporters of restrictions would have to concede that this
has absolutely nothing to do with protecting public health and
instead everything to do with control.