Visa and Mastercard not working?

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Visa and Mastercard not working?

REPORTS from across (https://bit.ly/3PF3Fl4) the country
appear to show frustrated customers having issues with their
Visa cards. The reported problems have been documented by
Downdetector, showing cardholders from coast to coast having
issues making payments.
According to the website, people across the country started
experiencing issues with their Visa cards around 1pm ET on
Additional outages for thousands more customers were reported
again at 3pm ET.
Another 4 percent of users reported experiencing difficulty
accessing Visa's website.
The problems appear to be most concentrated in the New York
and New Jersey areas.
Customers have reported issues in Los Angeles, Chicago,
Washington D.C., Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix and Atlanta.
Nearly 80 percent of the problems involved making purchases,
according to the website.
Downdetector also saw a surge of reports from Mastercard users
about issues using their cards as well - but the company later
confirmed their network has been operating normally.