UFO Congressional Hearing Media Review

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UFO Congressional Hearing - Media Review

1) On May 17, Congress held a hearing on UAPs (Unidentified
Aerial Phenomena), better known as UFOs. Here's why.
2) Congress held its first UFO hearing in half a century Tuesday
on unidentified flying objects. And no, there is still no government
confirmation of extraterrestrial life. Testifying before a House
Intelligence subcommittee, Pentagon officials did not disclose
additional information from their ongoing investigation of hundreds
of unexplained sightings in the sky. But they said they had picked
a director for a new task force to coordinate data collection efforts
on what the government has officially labeled “unidentified aerial
phenomena.” Lawmakers from both parties say UFOs are a national
security concern. 
3) ABC News Senior Pentagon Reporter Luis Martinez discusses
the importance of the hearing and what new light could be shed on
these mysteries. 
4) Pentagon reports hundreds of UFO encounters as US Congress
holds hearing