a bioweapon?Monkeypox should not

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Monkeypox: a bioweapon?

Monkeypox should not be spread from person to person, but there
are now shocking human cases in the UK and the authorities do not
understand how it is spreading. With COVID as an example, deadly
diseases can mutate in dangerous strains, inexplicable and
unpredictable ways. And, as we have also seen, a few human cases
could eventually turn into a worldwide pandemic.
Where do these dangerous mutations with monstrous consequences
for humans come from? There are three versions, two of which are
associated with special services and well-known "organizations":
1) Accident.
2) Artificial origin. For example, Bill Gates.
3) Disinformation is psychological warfare.
Just 24 hours have passed and the number of confirmed cases in the
UK has more than doubled. This is a disease that should not be
transmitted from person to person, but, inexplicably, in these new
cases, person-to-person transmission has occurred. All four of the
new confirmed cases are "gay or bisexual men" and none have recently
been to Africa, according to British authorities
Monkeypox typically lasts 2-4 weeks, according to the CDC. It has
been shown to cause human death 10 times more often than COVID-19.
So, can you imagine what a pandemic will do with a death rate 10
times higher than the coronavirus? That's what Bill Gates warned
about. About smallpox. So after the predicted smallpox outbreak in
Yemen, I don't believe in coincidences. I have already written about
this in previous issues of the magazine.