Elites Prepare to Escape?The

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Elites Prepare to Escape?

The Elite Will Use Their “Golden Passports” To Flee The Country
And Leave The Rest Of Us To Face Nuclear War by Michael for
End of the American Dream (https://bit.ly/3MeSsVY).
Did you think that the ultra-wealthy were just going to sit here and
get blown to bits with everyone else?  Just like you, they can see
where things are heading, and many of them have been feverishly
developing contingency plans.  Before things finally hit the fan,
many of them are going to hop on private jets and fly to well
prepared compounds in wealthy enclaves on the other side of
the planet.  Needless to say, the vast majority of Americans will
not have such an option.
If you have enough money, you can literally buy residency in
another country.  I realize that this isn’t exactly fair, but this is
how the world works. Provided you are willing to shell out enough
cash, there are more than a dozen nations that will allow you to
purchase a “golden passport”…
More than a dozen countries offer so-called “golden passports”
and visas that allow affluent foreigners to receive citizenship or
residency in exchange for investing in the country. The most
expensive programs range from $1.1 million in Malta to $9.5
million in Austria, according to Forbes.
This sort of thing is not for normal millionaires.  According to one
CEO that was interviewed by Insider, those that are in the market
for a “golden passport” usually have a net worth of at least 50
million dollars…
Reaz Jafri, CEO of Dasein Advisors, said he has received more
American inquiries over the past three years than the previous 20
years combined. He said his US clients often work in tech, real
estate, or crypto, and are worth between $50 million and $20 billion.
Can you guess which “golden passport” is the most popular?
Personally, I was quite stunned to learn that Portugal is actually
leading the pack…
Two of the firms interviewed by Insider said Portugal’s five-year
residence permit — which allows visa-free travel to 26 countries
in the European Union — is the most in-demand program among
American investors.
Portugal’s “golden visa” requires a minimum investment of slightly
over $200,000 and an average stay of seven days a year in Portugal.
When the permit expires, residents can then apply for full-time
citizenship, which can take an additional three years.
Due to the beautiful weather, the beaches, and all of the wealthy
people that are moving there, Portugal is apparently being called
“the new California”.