Fully Vaccinated Gorilla Dies of

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Fully Vaccinated Gorilla Dies of Multiple Organ Failure

Apparently, a previously healthy gorilla died suddenly and
unexpectedly of “multiple organ failure” (https://bit.ly/3Ne1m6r).
This was a very happy and healthy gorilla, who recently gave birth.
Watch her recent video and you can see how happy was she and
her offspring. A very touching video and very cute also.
What happened?
You know where it goes: the gorilla was recently vaccinated
for COVID!
Mind you, gorillas live 50 years in zoos. So in human terms, Martha
was about a 40-45 years old human.
How dangerous was Covid to animals in Gladys Porter zoo? Not very
dangerous. No animal ever contracted COVID, according to the zoo.
So now we have a beautiful and thriving gorilla mommy dead for what
exact reason? And her cubs are now orphans.
The zoo, of course, is not confessing. But everything is painfully
Same thing Happens to People
By the way, we should be sorry about dead and injured people as
much as we are sorry about Martha.
Meet Martha’s human counterpart, Kassidi Kurill: she also died
of multiple organ failure.
Of course, the newspaper said, Kassidi “did not die from the jab”.
Yeah, she died from organ failure. Not the jab. Just as gorilla
Martha, who also “suddenly died from multiple organ failure”.
Right. It was unrelated.
Loving moms Martha (a gorilla) and Kassidi Kurill (a human)
did NOT have to die. Whose lives did they save, exactly? Everyone
is having Covid so it is not like Martha and Kassidi stopped