French teachers rebel against Covid

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French teachers rebel against Covid rules

In France on Thursday (https://youtu.be/RA_9P3dW8G4)
a large-scale teacher strike took place, due to which 50 percent
of all primary schools in the country stopped working, France 24
reports. the fight against coronavirus in schools - the authorities
change the rules so often that teachers simply do not have time
to enforce them.
Half of all primary schools in France closed their doors on Thursday
as French teachers went on strike en masse to protest the
anti-coronavirus measures for schools, which the government
regularly changes. The authorities made the latest change in
strategy against the backdrop of a sharp increase in the incidence
of coronavirus infection among children due to the spread of the
highly contagious Omicron strain. Now schoolchildren were allowed
to use test kits for self-testing instead of taking PCR tests if their
classmates were found to have coronavirus. Meanwhile, teachers are
tired of the constant changes in the rules - they admit that they simply
do not keep up with the innovations.