India on the verge of

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India on the verge of a fiery doomsday

Summer’s here (https://bit.ly/3vGh1oR), and along with it,
reports of forest fires, pouring in from across India. And this
year’s heatwave is not helping. Forest wealth worth billions
of rupees is being destroyed across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh,
Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and other states where shrub, jungle
and woods are ablaze. Over the last seven days, India’s Forest
Survey department or the FSI, has reported more than 7800
forest fires in varoius parts of the country, reeling under the
highest temperatures known in recent decades. Forest fires in
India are usually reported in early March. Reports of such blazes
keep coming in, for about six weeks. And it’s not the loss of
forest cover alone – forest fires also kill thousands of wild
animals, while the smoke from the fires has a severe impact
on air quality.
Video: https://youtu.be/agavWILjmAE
In the last three days (https://bit.ly/3FfRnKP), FSI has spotted
over 7,800 hotspots where forest fires started in various parts
of the country, which could have been exacerbated by high day
temperatures and heat waves that are sweeping the country,
officials told TOI.